Sunday, 29 April 2012

I Heart NY and Skyscraper Heels!

This post is dedicated to my favourite holiday destination, my 'Summer Style' and is also my entry to the Look and Office Blog Competition to win a Holiday to Miami. Now that would be just lovely, especially seeing as I am currently looking out of my window and seeing very depressing wet and windy scenes! I love the USA and for that reason I had to choose The Big Apple as my perfect holiday destination...

The City that never sleeps.. home to some of the most fashion conscious and groomed in the world, New York is my ultimate favourite place to go. A city where you can truly experience every season as it should be, the summers are hot, winters are snowy and you definitely have to have the appropriate wardobe! I love the buzzing atmosphere, pounding the pavements and enjoying watching the world go by in typical Mahattan fashion. 

My summer look for 'The City' would be a capsule wardrobe of chic pieces with some fierce shoes and accessories to up the glam factor. You can't beat a pair of skinny jeans or tailored shorts, white shirt, blazer and ballet pumps combo to feel smart but also keep comfortable whilst taking in the sights. To take the outfit from being too boring to feeling a million dollars I would throw in some colour and stud detail!

In New York, unpolished nails are a no-no so I would have to give myself a manicure with a coat of OPI's Big Apple Red and for evening you can't go wrong with an LBD and killer heels..

The shopping in New York is amazing and you don't even need to spend a fortune.. Century 21 is like an uber version of TK Maxx except you should expect to find D&G and Pucci pieces at a fraction of their RRP. Bloomingdales is the Department Store of choice for me.. selling a great range of brands and lovely surroundings mean that I am happy to shop there whereas some of the other more snooty department stores don't exactly make you want to part with your hard earned cash.

If I have one recommendation for a short break to New York it is try and experience as much as you can.. I went for 3 days and felt like I practically ran round the city but I honestly got to see a lot. The bus tours are a great way of getting in all of the main sights and you normally get a river cruise and entrance to Empire State thrown in. Also get yourself down to Broadway and see a show, I am a HUGE Disney fan and was filling up when we watched the Lion King, those performers are so incredibly talented!

Writing this makes me want to go back so much, I've always really wanted to go volunteer at Fashion Week just for the experience! Maybe next year if I win the blogging competition! :o)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Walk this Way.. to #McrFashionWeek

Last Thursday Evening (12th April) I was lucky enough to attend the Mulberry Show at Manchester Fashion Week with my fellow fashionista friend!

Manchester finally hosted their very own fashion week and took over an empty building within The Avenue at Spinningfields where a shabby chic warehouse/loft style space was created, complete with pop up shops, bar and food stalls, along with the main show room.

Before we even walked into the show we were greeted with dramatic scenes from protestors outside of the venue who were demonstrating about using real fur and against Flannels clothing store. One man was being physically restrained by police inside and various chants were screamed whilst we walked in.

Bit difficult to understand what had happened at that point.. but where there is fashion there is always gossip and we very quickly learned that despite the fact Flannels had not used ANY real fur during the show, the man had jumped up onto the catwalk and thrown something on one of the models. Now, I have to stress that I do NOT agree with the use of real fur nor would I purchase anything made from fur but equally I do not agree with being made to feel uncomfortable or threatened by going about my daily life and I certainly do not agree with people throwing substances onto people - the poor model could have been blinded if what ever the person threw went into her eyes? Also I think it is VERY hypocritical when they were clearly all wearing at least one leather item... but anyway rant over and onto the show! 

In typical fashion show style it started half an hour late which was fine as the holding area was very 'New York style' loft chic and whilst I had thought I had dressed appropriately for the occasion I still felt very under dressed! Manchester's fashion fans were very much out in force! There was a DJ, Bar, Shops and artwork displays so it was a great little set up to keep everyone occupied in between shows!
When we were called up to the show we all took our seats (3rd row!) and enjoyed the Mulberry girls strutting their stuff.. there were approximately 8 looks in total and the theme seemed to be candy colours in a variety of fabrics and textures with some of the most BEAUTIFUL bags I have seen from Mulberry. Fresh colours and finishes with various embellishments. It was a shame, but the show felt really short and I would have loved to see a few more looks but I suppose it's always best to have your audience leave wanting more than being bored stiff..
One thing is for sure though, Manchester Fashion Week was a huge success and the shows which included River Island, All Saints, Miss Guided, Ted Baker and Flannels to name but a few were extremely popular. Caprice and Calum Best rounded the week off by showing their new ranges and overall I do think it's great that Manchester is showcasing itself as one of the fashion capitals of the UK.

I would really like to see the show grow next year with a more fit for purpose venue and hopefully even more brands wanting to take part! I definitely hope to go again if it comes back for a second year!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

This Week.. in Photos!

This week has been all about feeling ever so slightly guilty about not doing my uni work when I should have been.. I am currently in a weekend nightmare of writing a 3000 word assignment about Performance Management (snore) and then tomorrow revising for the Strategic Issues in Human Resource Management Exam I have on Monday. 

Oh, did I mention the assignment was due in on Monday too? Good one Man Met.. clever organisation of deadlines and exam timetabling! 

Anyway.. I am currently on 1750 words so am taking a break to share my week's activities. 

  1. Went for a scrummy meal with my bestie at the Alderley Edge Hotel. We dined in the main restaurant but rather cheekily asked for this Syrup Sponge Dessert off the Brasserie Menu.. It was so cute how it was served.. the sponge was in the Syrup Tin and Custard on the side.. it was so nice and totally worth falling off the weight watchers bandwagon for!
  2. Mulberry Show at Manchester Fashion Week.. this will get a dedicated blog post as it was full of drama!
  3. Pink Lady Apple Juice.. I put this on as I bought it from Waitrose as I adore Pink Lady Apples.. it is SO NICE!
  4. Models Own Nail Polishes: Tropical Sun and Hedonist - bought these on 3 for 2 at Boots as had read good things about both in the Blogosphere! Tropical Sun is a pearlised gold peach with slight flecks of silver glitter. It looked a little lost when I put it over Hedonist but I think would look amazing over a pale coral, especially with a tan! Hedonist is part of the Hed Kandi range and is AMAZING on! Photos really don't do the colour justice as it is extremely bright. One thing I found was that it dried quite matte on me so I applied a top coat to get the shiny effect I go for.. this will look amazing on toes in the summer!
  5. I have been trying to hunt down Models Own Ibiza Mix from the Hed Kandi collection as it also has had rave reviews in all of the Blogs that have covered it! I had also read that it is very similar to OPI's Rainbow Collection so I was overjoyed when I discovered my mum had randomly bought it a while ago.. think it might have to be snuck into my nail polish collection and hope no one notices!
  6. Painted nails as a procrastination from doing my assignment.. whoopsie!
Anyway best get my nose back to the grindstone! This essay won't write itself...

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sleep in Rollers... The Verdict!

So you may recall my rather excited post when my Sleep in Rollers arrived! I FINALLY got round to using them last night and was extremely pleased with the results.

I'm off to a fashion show tonight straight from work but start work from 8am. The prospect of waking up any earlier than I have to currently was just too horrific to consider so I had to do my hair last night.

I washed my hair, blow dried it til it was probably 80% dry and put my rollers in. I fixed them in using a sectioning clip as I have really thick hair and anticipated the roller wouldn't stay in very well... The rollers actually have really good velcro on them, they definitely stuck into my hair well (which is a feat in itself) but the clip gave me the extra peace of mind that they would stay in. I then put a hair net over them to ensure maximum chance that they would stay where I had put them in overnight! 

I am a fairly fidgety sleeper so just had visions of me waking up to a frizzy mess which would be traumatic to sort out pre 7am! I bought the nets super cheap from Boots- definitely under £1 for 2 nets. I then popped some hair spray in and got some beauty sleep..

This morning I took them out and was really happy with the result!

I have some observations though that I think would be useful and that I will do next time..

  1. I have a dip-dye so the ends of my hair are quite dry, I will definitely apply hair oil post drying but pre-rollering next time as my ends were a little frizzy when I took the rollers out. That was definitely just my hair though not as a result of the rollers.
  2. I can see that kirby grips to hold them in would probably be more comfortable, not that I experienced any discomfort from the sectioning clips but I did have slight concerns that one would become embedded in my scalp if I had a bad dream! I'm thinking of trying the longer kirby grips to make sure the hair is fully wedged on to the roller and then they really will be anchored onto my head!
  3. If your hair does frizz a little overnight with the Velcro and any sleep movement this is easily calmed with a spray in serum through the ends :o)
  4. Don't be scared! They feel quite rough when you first see/feel them but I cannot stress how much of a weakling I am with things on my head or in my hair and I had a very good night's sleep! Having had a weave previously and only lasting a month with it because it was doing my head in I would happily put Sleep Rollers in every night!
I have a before and after shot to show you.. 

 Me and my sexy hair net! Granny Chic is the next big thing!

Nice volumised hair.. clearly wasted on work..

So, don't delay get your sleep rollers! Here is a link to their website and twitter.. 

I paid £16.50 for 16 rollers and a bag to keep them in which included p&p. 

Only complaint I had was that they took a while to arrive but I was informed of that before I ordered.. It was more impatience than bad service!

Happy Hair Day!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mosaic Making...

Thanks to Lily I have now discovered how to make a mosaic of all my fave pics from the past few weeks!

1. Cheapo super cute cards from Tesco.
2. Our friend's insanely sweet 1 year old daughter :o)
3. I think my doggie wants some of my brunch?
4. Hair Ideas for my BFF's big day!
5. Bank Holiday Night Out.
6. #photoadayapril 'nuff said.
7. What to Wear Pad - Gift for my friend's Bday!
8. Cocktails and Dancing..
9. One HELL of a buffet..

I apologise now for this new obsession...

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter Weekend

Soo we are back into the swing of things post Easter break! Feel like I've never been off after a rather tedious day at work...

My weekend began with watching Street Dance 2 at the Cinema on Friday.. The dancing was great in it, very impressive however the script and acting in it were shocking. I'm alllll for giving people a shot and home grown talent and all that but seriously giving George Sampson one of the leads was a MASSIVE ERROR! Anyway, rant over.

Friday evening was pamper night ahead of my friend's birthday celebrations on Saturday night and mainly involved some serious tanning.. I was braving bare legs so needed to practically marinade in the stuff to make sure I got rid of my horrendously pale pins!

Ended up having an impromptu blow dry at the hair dressers on Saturday, bit of a random splurge but totally worth it.. I got gorgeously wavy locks created by good old fashioned Velcro rollers!

We started fairly early on sat night with lots of pink wine and nibbles before heading out to party! I bought my fashion obsessed pal a 'What to Wear' pad and a lovely MAC lipgloss called On a Holiday!
Rest of the weekend included family visiting, one hell of a roast dinner, BGT and some uni work.. I will be so pleased when it's all over!

What did you guys get up to? :o)

Monday, 2 April 2012

Photo A Day April!

First of all.. BIG APOLOGIES for my delay inbetween posts I have been job hunting which all you job seekers will know is pretty much a full time job in itself! But no excuses I am going to battle through and keep blogging!

This week I have decided to accept the challenge of doing #photoadayapril with Instagram and Twitter! I was too late to jump on the band wagon in March so when I saw @fatmumslim had created another one for April I was determined to get involved!

The concept is there is a list of themes for every day in April and you have to post your interpretation of the word.. Today was colour so I decided to post something in my favourite colour! It's really fun to check out what other people post to fit the theme so I will definitely be trying to make sure I do the full month!

Is anyone else taking part? :o)
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