Have you noticed your roof crumbling? If so, it's a good thing that you're inspecting it now. Checking your roof and your gutters at the end of the winter season before summer and spring really kick in is a smart idea. You need to be aware of what's happening on and in your roof, and if you've noticed that some of your roof has crumbled or is looking worn down, you need to ensure that you get on that as soon as you can. 

A roof is an expensive thing to fix and replace, but they do offer a wide range of benefits. Not only can they shield the indoor space from the inclement weather, this constant exposure to this weather can mean a higher level of wear and tear. Having a routine inspection at least every year is going to help you to understand your roof's health and help you to know whether you're busting your budget or not. If you have trees that are brushing against the top of your roof, you would probably pay for tree lopping to prevent any damage. If your gutters were starting to hang down, you would pay an expert to fix it for you. Failure to pay attention to your roof is going to cost you in both time and money, so here are some of the common things that could be damaging your roof.

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  • The rain. The elements are the first thing that your roof is exposed to, and rain can really play havoc on your roof. They can gain entrance into your riff space and this can leave it open to mold and mildew you. It can also cause rot. Along with the roof being damaged, your attic insulation can be damaged in the process. Rain is the biggest cause of damage in roofs, because when that rain starts to freeze and turns to snow and ice, that can cause ice dams that can block water drainage. You end up with a cracked roof and a cracked bank account.

  • The wind. You don't have to live in a cyclone area for your roof to be damaged by wind. Heavy wind can be absolutely catastrophic for a roof, and there are plenty of instances where heavy winds have dismantled roofs and taken roofs entirely off of a building. Of course, the effects aren't always as drastic, but the shingles of the roof can be pulled away and leave it exposed. There's nothing worse than having the underlayment exposed because then if that is affected by rain or snow, you will end up with a lot more issues than you think.

  • Sun exposure. Yes, your roof is going to be touched by a son every single day but the sun exposure and the abundance of UV rays can cause problems. the higher the intensity of the UV rays, the faster the breakdown of your roof. You should speak to your nearest roofer for inspections and repairs because they'll be able to tell you whether you should upgrade the material.

  • Overgrown trees. We mentioned trees brushing against your roof and gutter earlier on causing damage. Having overgrown trees cut back so that they are not brushing against your house or your roof is a smart way to make sure that your roof is going to stay intact.

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