Living in today's urbanised world can make it easy to feel disconnected from nature. But you can bring nature inside from the comfort of your apartment in several ways. By employing these tips and tricks, your humble abode can become an oasis for tranquillity in this fast-paced world.

Selection of Plants, Cacti and Succulents

Create a balcony garden

If you have access to outdoor spaces like balconies or any outdoor spaces, now is an opportunity for you to create a garden! Starting small by adding potted plants is ideal; as you gain experience, add colourful flowering plants for bees and butterflies and grow herb gardens for mint or basil supplies. Gardening provides immense satisfaction at minimal expense - not to mention it allows us to appreciate nature in all its glory.

Bring nature inside

Make your home into an indoor green oasis by adding houseplants. There is an array of low-light or cramped environments suitable for these plants, such as snake plants, pothos, and spider plants; all can help clean the air, reduce carbon dioxide, and add an aesthetic appeal to any decor - they can even provide stress-relief while sipping tea! Nothing beats relaxing while sipping from a beautiful, lush green environment while sipping tea or coffee in its company!

Nature sounds

Recent scientific studies have demonstrated the therapeutic benefit of listening to nature sounds, such as raindrops or waves breaking on the shore or the bubbling brook at specific times during your day. Not only will these relaxing sounds promote relaxation, but they'll also foster an awareness of our connection to the natural world and improve well-being overall.

Add natural elements

Even with Luxury Apartments from Meriton, connecting with nature may be hard if you live an apartment life. Wood, stone and natural fibre materials such as bamboo and sisal can bring nature indoors through furniture, accessories or wall art, giving your home an earthy vibe and providing some of the beauty missing in urban neighbourhoods. Bringing natural elements into furniture pieces or wall art adds natural textures that bring some of its beauty. It is an effective way of reconnecting with mother nature.

Take walks in nature

If you live near parks or nature trails, plan outdoor walks every weekend to explore seasonal changes in the environment and its flora and fauna. Walking also helps clear your mind while giving a sense of peace and relaxation associated with spending time in nature.

Bare feet to earth (the ground)

It is backed by science that when we get our bare feet in the ground, it allows us to absorb the energy of nature and help bond the earth. This is known as Grounding or Earthing. So, go out and remove your shoes and socks to let your skin be in direct contact with the earth and absorb its natural energy. 

Living in an apartment block may present challenges, but you can find solace in nature, even in a bustling city. By bringing nature indoors through gardening projects or balcony gardens and listening to natural sounds or adding natural elements such as succulents into your decor, you can bring calm into everyday life and connect with nature through daily practice. After all, nature exists everywhere - our challenge lies in seeking it out despite where it might appear to us!

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