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Your living room is at the core of your home, serving as the gathering spot where family and friends come together for relaxation, entertainment, and creating memories. But over time it can become outdated, disorganised or simply dull; a renovation could give your space new life! 

If your room needs updating, then consider renovating to provide it with renewed purpose! This blog post offers tips and techniques for turning your living room into an inviting, stylish, and functional space.

The importance of a cohesive colour scheme

Step one in any living room renovation should involve selecting a colour palette to tie everything together. From neutral hues to vibrant ones, choosing shades that complement each other and create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere is paramount in crafting an environment you enjoy spending time in.

How to select an appropriate colour scheme

To create an elegant colour scheme, start by choosing an undertone such as warm beige or cool grey for your walls and then choosing complementary hues for furniture, decor, and accent pieces that go along with this. 

If you need help deciding what colours work well together use a colour wheel as a resource and find colours which complement each other or an analogous palette of complementary or similar hues that blend.

Establish a focal point

Each living room requires an eye-catching focal point - something to draw the eye and set the scene - something that draws people in and sets the atmosphere for your room as a whole. Be it a fireplace, large window or work of art - whatever draws in people can act as the centerpiece for any living space!

Use decor to emphasise one feature you wish to highlight; build around this feature as the focal point. For instance, if there's a stunning view from one or more large windows you should arrange furniture so as to take full advantage of natural lighting while showing it off!

Add distinctive details and accents

Renovating successfully involves choosing accent pieces that reflect your personal taste and add personality. From vintage rugs, bold art installations, and antique books collections - accent pieces make rooms feel like reflections of themselves and help complete renovation projects successfully.

As you choose accents for your living room, take into consideration its overall style and color scheme. For example, if your living space boasts neutral tones, adding pops of color such as vibrantly hued pillows, throws or vases could give the room some flair; but for an eclectic style room be sure to use multiple patterns and textures so as to achieve an eye-catching and exciting aesthetic.

Shutters can make for an eye-catching accent in any living space. From classic wooden designs to minimalist styles, shutters provide texture, depth, visual interest, and privacy when installed over windows - making them an invaluable part of living rooms everywhere!

Select functional, yet comfortable furniture

Your living room should be both stylish and practical; selecting furniture to accomplish this objective is critical. From comfortable sofas, coffee tables, armchairs, and ottomans - to those pieces which perfectly fulfil both their functional purposes as well as your desired design aesthetic - finding pieces which meet both these criteria are vital components to creating the desired result.

Factors to keep in mind when choosing your furniture

Consider both your room's size and layout when purchasing furniture, such as sectionals vs. large sectionals when making decisions for furniture purchases. 

When shopping, keep the size and configuration in mind to select appropriate seating - for instance a sectional sofa might work better in smaller rooms than an L-shaped sectional or multiple armchairs. In larger areas however, more expansive arrangements such as various matching sofas may create an inviting seating space that is comfortable yet cohesive if this option applies to you.


Renovation can be both an exciting and satisfying adventure; turning an uninspiring or outdated space into an inviting living room that you love spending time in can be tremendously gratifying. These tips and tricks can help you transform it into one that reflects your individuality and meets all functional requirements for optimal success!

Remember to select an appealing color palette, establish a focal point and incorporate unique accents while choosing functional yet comfortable furniture for your living room. With some creativity and hard work, your living room can become somewhere you look forward to coming home to each night.

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