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Alumier MD What is a Chemical Peel?
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Before the Alumier MD Radiant 30 Chemical Peel and Directly After
Alumier MD Radiant 30 Topical Facial Liquid
SweetieSal a few days after treatment
3 Days Post Treatment and Skin Feeling AMAZING!

It's almost time for the party season and I always like to get my skin ship shape and ready for lots of pics and merriment!

The babes at Cheadle Beauty Salon asked me to come down and try an Alumier MD Radiant 30 Treatment with their Alumier MD Ambassador Hollie, naturally I jumped at the chance and I am so glad I did!


I have had a peel once before and I REALLY thought that having a chemical peel would give me a super red face like that scene in Sex and the City.. but fear not! This is not the case and this treatment in particular really has no downtime other than it is recommended to remain makeup free after your treatment for up to 24 hours.


Speedy and efficient, the treatment is pretty much what it says on the tin and helps to eliminate dryness, redness and textural concerns - all of which I wanted to address! My skin always tends to be this weird mix of oily, congested, dry and pink cheeked this time of year, particularly with the temperature changes, boosting of the indoor heating and reduction in Vitamin D from the limited sunshine we get! So this treatment was perfect and I really noticed an instant difference.

What I particularly loved about Alumier MD products is that they are not overwhelmingly scented, nor is the 'peel' part strong smelling. It was a really relaxing treatment, I was not uncomfortable at all, you can feel a cooling sensation on the skin and that's as extreme as it got for me. You will see from my before and after pics (soz about my super cheese face in the car, but I wanted to get a picture straight afterwards) that my skin is not excessively red at all and I did not feel self conscious popping to the shops, which is a development for me from back when if I was leaving the house I HAD to have makeup on!


The peel is multifunctional and is the perfect introduction to peels. It uses lactic acid to gently exfoliate any dead skin cells to promote a fresher, brighter complexion. It also boosts skin cell turnover and stimulates collagen, improving skin texture and tone. It is also excellent for acne prone skin.


Cheadle Beauty Salon is based in Cheadle Village with parking close by. You can book by calling 0161 428 4752 or by heading to their Facebook Page. The treatment costs £75* and you can have them up to once per month. Along with the treatment you are provided with after-care products to use to ensure the very best results from your treatment - including sunscreen as your skin will be a little more sensitive.


I am blown away by how great my skin feels after this treatment. You can't really see from my before picture but I had quite a lot of texture on my cheeks and it has completely gone! My makeup is going on smoother, my skin less oily and in general a much brighter healthier complexion. 

I will 100% be booking in for a repeat appointment!

Massive thanks for Hollie and Cheadle Beauty Salon for spoiling me 💕

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