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The development and modernisation of hair colouring methods over the last few years has blown my mind and I have loved having low maintenance hair colour that enhances my colouring!

With the appropriate care and attention, hair coloured using a balayage method can last months at a time without the dreaded roots creeping through!

Here are my top tips to keep your hair happy;


The key to keeping my colour looking fresh has been toning, both in salon toning treatments every couple of months and at home using a purple shampoo and conditioner once or twice a week. By adopting this kind of maintenance I was able to keep my balayage looking fresh for 18 months! I only had more colour put through as it had grown substantially and I was rocking a half and half kinda look…! I can highly recommend the Redken Blondage Shampoo and Conditioner for use at home.


Every Sunday is pamper night which includes a hair treatment to inject some serious moisture into my locks and I have found this has kept my hair shiny and happy. I have really noticed a difference in the ends of my hair, split ends have dramatically reduced and I am finding that I can prolong the time in between hair cuts. Philip Kingsley Elasticiser is my treatment of choice – this stuff is incredible and is an intensely luxurious treat for your hair.


I try to refrain from too much heat styling unless I really need a quick turnaround and this has not only made life slightly easier, I am definitely seeing the benefits in my hair health. I have nailed the evening hair wash, blow dry and spiralled bun to achieve heatless waves to achieve the ‘I woke up like this’ look! A newish find for me has been the slip hair skinny scrunchies too. Designed to be gentle on hair and avoid hair creases, gone are the hair breakages caused by other hair ties! Whilst they definitely are treat, I will never go back to normal hair ties – they are amazing!


Good hair starts with a good stylist. You can do all the above but if the application hasn’t been executed properly then you can struggle to rectify it. Allergy tests are ESSENTIAL and a good stylist will have plenty of images and examples of their work available – do your research and also be realistic. Hair colouring is a scientific process and your stylist will advise you the art of the possible without risking the health of your hair. You will rarely (if ever!) be able to go from super dark to super light in one sitting, if you are being advised this is possible then I would be cautious! Check out this balayage expert, Manchester.

What are your balayage tips? Add yours in the comments below.

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