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Everywhere we look in the media, the state of our planet is reported on; from global warming to plastic use and air pollution.

It makes for pretty unsettling viewing and reading and it can sometimes feel difficult to establish what's truth and what is exaggeration. The sheer volume of articles and opinion can feel overwhelming and I'll be honest, I sometimes feel that I don't know what I can/should do in the circumstances other than take small steps for the better.

What is easy to see though is that the use of hundreds of disposable day to day items that are not recyclable is just not sustainable.

I will hold my hands up and admit that I thought my general recycling of plastic at home was helpful and I will still continue to recycle as much as I possibly can, however in my opinion the root cause are the product manufacturers needing to work together to create more sustainable packaging.

I am really trying to reduce how often I buy plastic bottles, coffee cups, face wipes and cotton pads for more sustainable options. I now use a ZeroWater water filter* at home and Soda Stream to create my own sparkling water. Also, just so you know, you can use a soda stream to make tonic water at home so you can always have a G&T... 😉

I have some really great flasks* and water bottles that I use so that I don't have to buy bottles when I am out and about and I can still go to my favourite coffee shops for a latte but rather than get it made into a disposable cup, I have them put it in my flask instead. Most coffee shops will knock an amount off the price when you do this!

From a beauty and cleaning perspective I have knocked wipes on the head and will no longer buy them. I mean, we all know makeup wipes are not good for your skin so I have invested in reusable bamboo makeup remover pads that you just pop in the washing machine when they are used. My skin has been SO much better since making the switch and I can highly recommend the pads I have linked to above. They wash really well and are lovely and soft on the skin. For cleaning, I didn't really use wipes all that much anyway but it has been a very easy transition to using products on cloths and pads that I can just throw in the washing machine when they are dirty. This mop is a god send for my wooden and tiled floors and I can just rip the pad off (it is velcro) and wash it when it is used!

I'd really like to see more supermarkets follow Waitrose's Unpacked Scheme where shoppers can bring their own containers and thus reduce packaging waste. If you have a Tesco home delivery, they say they won't deliver with plastic bags yet they will almost every single time deliver certain items in individual red plastic bags? With recycling on the rise and councils becoming more strict on what can go in each bin, I don't want unnecessary waste that I have to hold on to to finally fit it into a bin!

What have been your favourite sustainable product finds?

Please note this post contains affiliate links and previously gifted items.

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