PIXI Skincare Display Harvey Nichols Manchester

I have been a PIXI Lover for a LONG TIME so when the Pixi Gals were in town at Harvey Nichols in Manchester and invited me in to chat more about their products I was very excited!

I've tried lots of their products and loved them, my skin seems to really get on with their formulations and I really see great results from them. Particular faves are the Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel, Glow Tonic (obvs), Double Cleanse by Caroline Hirons and the Rose Caviar Essence which is just gorgeous!

I really don't like gritty exfoliators, and apart from the fact that most can be far too abrasive to the skin, I just hate the feeling of them and they can often make my skin feel like it's really not happy! The Glow Tonic has been a revelation for me as I now feel like I can get an effective exfoliation without any stinging or reactions.

The lovely Katie gave me a facial with some different products and introduced me to their newest products, particularly the Milky Hydrating range and the Vitamin C. It was great to get advice on when is best to use Retinol based products too as it's something I have wanted to try but felt a bit confused as to when I am best using it!

I am committed to really trying to look after my skin as let's face it, I ain't getting any younger! I so enjoy a pampering afternoon or evening so it was really nice to learn about the products that I can use at home and feel like I have spoiled myself!

Have you tried any Pixi Products? What are your faves?

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