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Whether you are moving, having work done or are just overrun with STUFF that you don’t know what to do with just yet, storage can be something you underestimate how much you need, until you really need it.

I know I have a lot of stuff, but when I was moving from a furnished(!) shared flat back to my mum’s before completing on my apartment purchase, I was shocked at just how much I had accumulated. Bearing in mind I didn’t really have any furniture really other than small pieces, it was amazing how it all mounted up and I was a bit clueless as to what was best to do to make the moving as efficient as possible.

I am very lucky that there was space at my mum’s for me to dump stuff, I think there is actually still some stuff in my mum’s garage.. sorry mum I will come and move it…!! 

It became even more apparent how important good storage is when my sister had to store some of her items at my mum’s too whilst they had a home refurbishment – in hindsight she says she should have got an external storage unit to consolidate everything into as their stuff had to be spread across my mum’s house and the garage as soft furnishings would have got ruined in the garage and there’s always that fear of little furry friends making a mattress their home! They also have some furniture stored in my garage too and trying to locate where certain items were was a bit of a pain for them.

It’s not just house moves that require storage. If you are having renovation work done then very often, dust sheets just do not give adequate protection. It can be better to shift what you don’t need into storage so you have peace of mind that it will stay safe and in good condition! 

I don’t know about you but whilst I know the benefits of external storage, I have no idea how you arrange it, decide how much you need or what size of space and whether there are minimum terms – basically how it all works!

Shurgard Self-Storage Ruislip can give you ALL of that information and more! You can purchase packing materials and cardboard boxes from them so that you can really organise your stuff as you pack before you store. Their wardrobe boxes look amazing, you can leave your clothes on the hangers so they can go from box to wardrobe with ease.

Shurgard make it so easy to book your unit and then move things in, along with packing advice and virtual tours of the spaces they offer. I’ll definitely be checking out their packing and storage tips when I have work done on my apartment and recommend my London friends to book a unit with them if they need a storage solution. 

You can consider Shurgard for personal storage solutions for house moves, renovations, decluttering, travelling abroad, hosting your home or students over the summer break. There’s also business options for archiving, equipment, office moves and stock storage!

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