Malpaper Daily Goal Setter Book

I've talked about my love for list writing before and trying to be the most organised, girl boss version of myself.. however sometimes life gets in the way and my various work and home life lists in different notepads mean that I miss things and *that* overwhelmed feeling creeps in.

I have tried various ideas and solutions over the years but none have ever worked as well as my Daily Goal Setter from Mål Paper. I was very kindly gifted this and I have been blown away by how this has made being organised a really fun and positive experience and I would highly recommend getting one of these to help you be the best productive version of yourself.

Here's what Mål Paper say about themselves;

The word Mål, pronounced 'mo-l', means goal in Swedish.

We also take inspiration from the Scandinavian clean and clutter-free way of living. As a result, Mål Paper designs and produces stylish, simplistic and effective stationery that helps us to be more productive by focusing our minds on the most important tasks.

Our range of products is the result of seeking a solution to solve the common problem of jumping from one task to the next, without prioritising them or even completing the previous task. We were tired of having countless ‘to-do’ lists on notepads, notebooks and journals that did nothing more than complicate our goals and tasks further, to the point of feeling overwhelmed and uninspired to hold ourselves accountable.

Our mission is simple. Focus on creating products that give the user clarity on what they want to achieve with a clear path on how to get there, all while promoting a positive mindset to carry over on to their daily activities.

I am so much more positive and productive after using this planner. I know it probably sounds too good to be true but the planner contains really useful prioritisation advice, along with space to jot down short, medium and long term goals and everyday you write down 3 things you are grateful for along with a positive affirmation.

It has really made a difference to me as I have been trying to practice daily gratitude and better organisation as a way of helping with my anxiety. The planner itself is a lovely quality journal and costs £20.95. It is a pleasure to use and I've had lots of compliments and comments on it.

You can try out the layout and concept of the planner for free with their free downloadable pages. I have been using the Goal Setter for a good few weeks now and I honestly can't imagine now not using it. I will definitely be repurchasing when I have filled mine!

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  1. Just checked this out and it looks amazing! I might have to get my hands on it for it to be my 2020 planner!
    Chloe X


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