Work Harder Neon Light on a Wall

It's been a manic few months where I have had to kind of put lots of things on the back burner and get through a super busy period at work.

People often say 'gosh I don't know how you find the time to blog around a full time job', but when creating content and all that goes with it is your happy place then it's something you will actively make time for!

I have some other things going on but having blogging as my fun hobby means that I can take the rough with the smooth. I went to a shared working space the other day (Ziferblat in Manchester's Northern Quarter for anyone wondering!) and LOVED it. I will definitely be back and spending some time there to really focus on content creation in a productive yet relaxed environment!

Next has to be the gym and cooking for myself again. You might remember at the beginning of the year I wrote this post about the things I wanted to focus on this year and being more healthy and fit was one of them. I was doing so well for so long and that is one of the areas that I am disappointed that I have let myself shy away from. I was feeling amazing and enjoying my trips to the gym so I really need to force the habit once more! 👊

Anyways, more content coming your way very soon 👌😁

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