As some of you may know, a 2017 goal of mine is to buy my first home. I am really excited to have full creative run of my own bricks and mortar and design my living space to my preference.

If you are interested in the things I like then check out my Pinterest Board! I am excited about most rooms and thought I would feature a room a month as I try and work towards getting enough dollar together to step on the property ladder. This month it's all about the Kitchen. Some say this is a core room in the house and depending on the flow of the property I end up in I would be inclined to agree!

I love open plan living spaces and I'd love a kitchen / dining / lounge and open to the back garden but let's see what's on the market when I am looking!

One thing I really want is a lot of fresh white and exposed brick, copper accessrories and plants. I am not an amazing chef so as well as an oven I am definitely a microwave girl! I favour convenience over slaving over a hot stove so as I plan my dream kitchen it will absolutely have to have some cooking kit that caters for those of us who are not a dab-hand in the kitchen! I love the look of the combination microwave oven by Panasonic as they are sleek and aesthetically pleasing whilst actually being really very versatile pieces of kitchen equipment.

I cook most meals using the microwave as I don't have to stand and make sure I am not burning anything.. what is your best microwave recipe?

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