You know when your skin feels dull and in need of some TLC when people start to comment that you look 'tired' which let's face it is a polite way of saying you look like crap...

This has been my issue for the past few weeks so when the lovely ladies at ESPA in Harvey Nichols in Manchester invited me in to show off the GORGEOUS new packaging of the products and have a facial I jumped at the chance!

Nestled in the Beauty Hall the counter is really lovely and ESPA also have use of the Harvey Nichols Beauty Treatment Rooms once a month for a week which is great as it means you can pop in for your ESPA fix and take advantage of a facial too!

The Treatment Rooms are the most lovely calming location just off the Beauty Hall, I was settled onto a super comfy bed and immediately felt relaxed from the scents of the products. I always think ESPA is unique in the way they use your sense of smell to determine what your skin needs in terms of product range. This time I needed a routine to address the combination of dryness and oiliness which I didn't even have to describe.. evidently my nose knew!

It was a god send for my skin and I have really noticed a difference in the weeks afterwards. I have felt much more awake looking and fresh faced which let's face it, that's all anyone wants!

If you want to book in for a treatment then you can call ESPA direct on 0161 828 8839, you will not regret it!

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