Goal Shizz

Moving up the career ladder and earning more are part and parcel of being ambitious and breaking that glass ceiling! Aswell as your usual, obvious large purchases to be made with said raise, e.g. getting on the property ladder or buying a car, I have fashion purchase goals too!

Once I feel flush enough to buy these I will know I have made it.. whether it be from a bonus or after saving up, I know I will always look at these pieces as a reward for my hours of hard work, networking and personal development.

To many this will probably sound frivolous but let's look at it this way, if a man was to be promoted or receive a bonus then no one would bat an eyelid if he was to treat himself to a rolex or something fancy so why shouldn't women do the same?

I go back to these faves time and time again so I know that the above are what my heart desires in a big way.

A mix of trend and classic, here's what I love about them;

Burberry Trench Coat: I just know that this classic piece would swiftly become a wardrobe staple. I've always loved the Burberry check (even when it had that bad Daniella Westbrook chav phase) and I'd love to shrug one of these on my shoulders!

Valentino Rockstuds: I hear many people proclaim their love for these shoes because of the comfort, I'm after the lower heel version and would probably opt for nude.. although that dark red with the coloured studs are also divine. These are classic with a trend twist and I just think these again would be a staple purchase due to their versatility.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Bag: This bas is legit everywhere at the moment. On every bloggers arm and to be fair I can see why. A fabulously classic shape, big enough for day but small enough for evening I really love this bag and NEED IT IN MY LIFE.

Christian Dior Tribales Earrings: LOVE LOVE LOVE these. I know they probably look weird if you haven't seen them in a piercing but I love the pearl, I love the day to night look of these and they are just so godamn pretty. The cheapest option of my four aspirational items, I will just have to make do with my non-Dior versions for now and work my ass off to treat myself!

What are your aspirational items?

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