I'm just going to let the pictures speak for themselves but to give you some explanation...

Last week I was invited to sample the Sunday Roast at the Refinery in Spinningfields, Manchester and HOLY MOLY. This place is the SH!T.

I mean, not only is this place a bloggers paradise in terms of there being an abundance of copper, fur and marble and you can flatlay for dayyyyyyssssss but it is super cosy, relaxing and the food is just a dream.

I need to get on their brunch bandwagon too.

I opted for roast chicken and sweet lord it was good.. I ate as much as I possibly could but these portions are mahoosive...!

So. If you fancy brunch or lunch tomorrow then I highly recommend you haul ass to Spinningfields, get comfy on your furry chair and settle in for a lovely afternoon at the Refinery, you seriously won't regret it!!!!!

Thank you again for the invite, I will be back soon!

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