When the weather is freezing and winter fully sets in, it's easy to let your beauty routine go out of the window. We all joke about not shaving our legs and hibernating under layers of sweaters, black opaque tights and thermals but actually I find that I feel better when I do take the time to groom?

Don't get me wrong, standing letting fake tan dry is just painful in winter, but I can't not shave my legs, go for a wax or reach for a face mask during the winter months as I feel like my skin needs it more than ever!

For me, it's about feeling 'done' and I am not suggesting that those of you who don't, aren't, this is just my opinion! I enjoy the process of being pampered and keeping on top of my grooming. Leaving too long between waxes is just traumatic and I'd rather little and often rather than one big removal come spring.. (insert eyes watering emoji here). I go to the Brazilian Waxing Company in Manchester and I know I talk about them alot but they really are the best!

I really find that my skin changes massively during winter and I have to exfoliate more, moisturise more and generally take more care. Heating and office air can wreak havoc with your skin so I try and moisturise every day, exfoliate with a chemical based exfoliator rather than an abrasive one and hydrating sheet masks are a god send. You can buy these on ASOS, Feel Unique, Cult Beauty, basically all the beauty sites! I got a sample of the Ren Glycolic Mask from the Feel Unique Beauty Box and I can't wait to try it! Another fave is the GlamGlow Thirsty Mud which just plumps everything back up that is stripped out by cold weather and heating!!

My hair also seems to get dry but in a really weirdly different way to in the summer. In the summer, I find my hair gets dry from being frazzled in the sun whereas in winter it can end up being greasy at the roots and static and dry at the ends. A light mask such as the Philip Kingsley Elasticiser works miracles for me, along with going darker!

One of my must have beauty treatments for summer can actually also be great in winter too. LVL Lashes is one of the most amazing treatments which lifts and tints your lashes, no costly extension top ups, just your lashes, improved and looking lovely from the moment you open your eyes in the morning. I find in winter with heating and such like, my mascara ends up under my eyes by the end of the day. LVL lashes just look amazing without you having to put any mascara on and so leaves your undereye area alone!

What beauty routine items do you stop, start and continue in winter?

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