One of my promises I made to myself is that if I am reviewing something, I don't just post about anything and everything I receive as I don't believe in trash talking about a product or service. With that in mind the vast majority of things I post about on here are things I have been surprised by and genuinely love and think highly of.

This Hot Hair Volume Booster Hair Piece is one of those things...

I have fine hair but alot of it and most hair extensions or clip ins just don't work the way I want them to. The Team over at Hot Hair helped colour match me and very kindly send me the hair piece to try and I absolutely love it!!!!! I always love that nice volume on top look but I just cannot achieve it at home by myself.. until this beauty came through my letterbox!

It is so easy to use and you basically clip it in at the crown and I personally prefer to pop some of my hair over it to conceal the join between hair piece and my hair as I think it looks alot more natural. It is perfect for half up styles or a more coiffed ponytail which I have NEVER been able to achieve.

One thing to bear in mind is that this hair piece is synthetic so you can't curl it but I have found this to be absolutely perfect for straight hair styles.

Massive thumbs up from me and thank you again to Hot Hair!

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