Being a blogger means I sometimes get treated to or find out about lesser known beauty brands which are out there on the market. This has both positive and negative effects as sometimes these amazing products come with higher than average price tags...

Starting with the Lipgloss on the left, this is the Jouer Cosmetics Lip Topper in Skinny Dip and it is just stunning. This can be worn over liquid lipstick or alone and I adore the colour and effect in a big way!!

Next up is the Transformulas Hydration Gold - I love this, I'll be honest I am not sure what it does other than makes my skin look nice and glowy, I tend to use this if I am tired to perk my face up a bit!

Now the next one has been enabled by Jini, Director of PR at Space NK and is AMAZING. I am obsessed with The Rodial Stemcell Magic Gel but it costs £49 a jar. Which I realise is a bit of a bank breaker, BUT I have to say I have been blown away by this I really have. It really is magic and my skin loves it. Super hydrating, priming abilities, makes your skin look super plump and a really cool up pump mechanism has made this jar take a special place in my heart. You can use it morning or night and it's fantastic. Potensh holy grail face product right here!!

Another product that Space NK introduced me to is the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray. I have a love hate relationship with this in that I love it, but I hate the price :( You know that bed head nice volume textured effect you strive to achieve with your hair? This is basically that effect, bottled. It smells amazing, it gives an amazing effect and doesn't leave your hair feeling sticky or crisp. I love this alot. But for £19 for the one pictured above and £39 for the large size.. it's an expensive habit to have. I can't find one nearly as good either!!!!

Finally, the wonderful Flossy and Leigh Wedding Makeup Team introduced me and my whole family to the By Terry Rose de Baume and sweet mother of god this stuff is gorgeous. The Original is lovely, but I particularly like the ones with a sheer wash of colour. Gorgeous!

I also had to feature my new Kenzo for H&M Scarf as I bloody love the print!

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