There are some emails that, as a Blogger, you get giddy over and being offered to go and have a 121 makeover with MAC in Selfridges in The Trafford Centre to play with the new collection sounded like a ruddy good time if you ask me!

I went bright and early to the Trafford Centre last Friday and was introduced to the lovely Sam who would be doing my makeup. I was immediately pleased as I basically wanted her to recreate her makeup on me.. a lil glitter and a flawless base.. and my GOD did she deliver! Go give this girl a follow on Instagram (@samanthahelenmua) as sweet jesus you should see the body makeup she does!!!

I love glitter any time, but even more so over the festive season and I absolutely adore the MAC Nutcracker Sweet collection. There is literally something for everyone in there, nude fans, glitter fans, bold lip fans.. MAC have definitely got you covered. There is also that holy grail highlighter that gets major praise in the makeup lover community in the pearlescent form of Whisper of Gilt. Now, alot has sold out online (insert crying face emoji) BUT, there is still much of the collection to be had in stores so go get your mitts on the kits pronto and you will not regret it! You can peruse the collection here!

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