Xmas Jumper
I love me a Christmas Jumper or any kind of fashion festive nod and each year I think the offering gets better and better. Matalan's Christmas Jumpers have really blown me away this year with their lovely designs which are super affordable and range from the subtle sparkle to the COME AT ME CHRISTMAS!

Above are a few of my faves, I have the pom pom Christmas tree one and I cannot wait until it is socially acceptable to put it on! I was hoping to haul ass to the Christmas Markets last week but in typical Manchester style the heavens opened and as much as I loveeeeee the Markets the thought of standing in torrential rain just did nothing for me. I will be sure to take some pics when I wear it out but I had to let you guys know all about them so you can get stocked up for December.

Another thing to mention that makes me sound about 100 years old is that they are such a nice thin knit and look like they will wash well... hello middle age ;-)

Go forth and bulk out your festive fashion supplies!!

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