Panache Treats for V-Day

Kali Baby Doll // Misty // Non Wired Sports Bra
Happy Valentine's Day Sweeties!

As a single gal about town I do love having my sh!t together and matching underwear just instantly gives you that feeling doesn't it?

I was very kindly gifted some new undies by Panache Lingerie to celebrate Valentine's Day! For a larger busted lady.. they are so pretty and comfortable, I love them!

I'm not a 'pose in your undies' kind of girl so you will just have to take my word for how nicely fitting they are. The sports bra is SO amazing! I am doing the Manchester 10K again this year and I find a wired bra gives me chafes on my inner arms weirdly!!

If you have been given vouchers for V-Day why not treat yourself (and your other half) to some new undies??

Thank you once again to Panache for spoiling me :) I feel loved!!!

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