The Twelve Days of Christmas

Did you know that all over the world lots of interesting traditions are celebrated at Christmas?
  • In France, Christmas trees have never been particularly popular, but they do love a good Yule log!
  • In Denmark, a special rice pudding is served for desert which has one single almond is hidden in it - whoever finds this almond is thought to have good luck for the coming year.
  • And in Greece presents aren’t given until the 1st January! (WHAT?!)
In my family we have a few traditions that have stuck with us from childhood to adulthood and will undoubtedly be passed on to my future children!

We are all quite major Christmas fans so we tend to decorate quite early to enjoy as much glitter as possible. I also buy the mulled wine or apple spice plug ins and air freshener as early as I can get my paws on it so that my flat smells nice and festive!

Each year, I make the Manchester Christmas Markets a priority visit so I can soak up the atmosphere and have a mulled wine (or two!) and then I usually save my Christmas shopping until December! I know people will think I am mad but I genuinely enjoy the hustle and bustle and the fact that you will most likely hear a brass band playing Christmas songs :)

On Christmas Eve we all get new PJs so that we are photograph worthy on Christmas morning. We always used to be made to sit on the stairs whilst my dad checked that Santa had been and then we all sit and open presents together, starting with exchanging sister presents! We usually have dinner quite late in the day and just have a nice relaxing day with the evening turning slightly more boozy..

I absolutely adore Christmas and it's not the presents that make it special. It's the fact that you end up making the extra effort to see loved ones and you can walk down the street and everyone has a skip in their step and smiles all round. I totally appreciate that isn't how everyone's Christmas is and I do always spare a thought for those less fortunate than me. I am grateful for the position I am in and certainly don't take it for granted.

White Stuff have helped me keep the festive spirit alive by sending me a lovely Christmas package containing some super cute decorations, Christmas crackers and a gorgeous tunic that I absolutely love! So all that is left for me to do is get snug and eat, drink and be merry. Wishing you all the most wonderful Christmas!!!

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