Nouveau Lashes #LashGang Task 2

As you may be aware, I am part of Nouveau Lashes #LashGang and the latest task was to try out their Express Treatment and show you how easy it is to remove the lashes at home!

Express Lashes are designed to be worn for a short period of time so are perfect for the party season as they are very easily removed at home and without damaging your own lashes!!

The top picture shows the lashes on as I have started to remove them from the outer corner with the Nouveau Lashes Lash Remover.

The middle shows the lashes coming off easily and the last picture is me with normal makeup on and hopefully showing that I have no gaps :)

I really thought the treatment is fab for people who want lashes for an event but don't want the upkeep of longer lasting lashes. They are applied as small clumps of lashes so achieve the wide eyed glam look that is a must over the festive season! If you are interested in finding a salon near you who does the treatment then just click here to view the salon finder.

I also have to mention that the remover is NOTHING like the one you can buy from high street chemists from a popular eyelash brand.. that stuff has put me off semi permanent lashes after being so harsh that it also removed my nail polish as well as the eyelashes I was wearing ....

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