Fail to Prepare

There's a couple of things on my 2016 to do list that I thought I would share with you in advance of all the usual new year, new me malarkey. My list isn't so much about that and is more an update as to what will be going on my normal to do list which you can view here!

 I have some activities I want to do next year so why not share them with my lovely readers!
  1. Go to Harry Potter World.
  2. Lose 3 Stone.
  3. Improve my photography.
  4. Attend 2 Makeup Masterclasses (more on that soon.. there's one coming up in Manchester and I want to go to a Peaches and Cream Masterclass in Liverpool too!)
  5. Attend a Caligraphy Class. 
  6. Do the Manchester 10k for the third time in support of Francis House Children's Hospice!
  7. Give Blood.

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