Mira #ShowerPerfection Shower Head

When you live in rented accomodation, one of the most annoying things can be those feeble showers that get installed on the cheap and you end up dithering under a trickle of water!!!

When Mira Showers contacted me to show me how they could improve it with one small attachment that would revolutionise our shower, without any additional costs to our monthly bills I was intrigued! Part of me was quite sceptical that as someone who is in no way talented with plumbing, this *could* be an accident waiting to happen...

How wrong was I?! The RRP of the 360 Shower Head is £64* which when you have a bit of a crappy shower that you didn't think you could do anything about, is pretty good! I was treated to the Mira 360m Four Spray Shower Head plus some Shiseido goodies and I installed the shower head earlier this week.

Annoyingly, the picture I have will not play ball and I cannot upload it on here without it inexplicably coming out on it's side, so head over to my instagram and twitter to see how it looks!

It was so easy to screw in and it has completely improved my showering experience!!! I love it and I can't recommend it enough! :)

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