20 Small Pleasures

'Life is full of simple pleasures'
  1. A good hair or face day.
  2. Receiving an early morning text, meaning you were someone's first thought of the day.
  3. That lovely warm feeling on your cheeks after a day sunbathing (with SPF on.. obvs).
  4. A perfectly formed, instagram worthy protein pancake that must be shared.
  5. Taking a selfie that doesn't require ALL THE FILTERS.
  6. Waking up with a purpose and feeling positive.
  7. Malibu and steel drums.
  8. A cuddle with an animal (I'm thinking pets here more than an embrace with a cow but whatever floats your boat).
  9. A new lipstick.
  10. Fresh bedlinen.
  11. Trying something on on a whim and it looking great.
  12. The smell of suncream.
  13. A glass of red after a long day.
  14. Looking through old photos.
  15. Catching up with an old friend.
  16. CAKE.
  17. Listening to live music.
  18. Laughing so hard that your stomach hurts.
  19. A lie in on a Sunday.
  20. The sound of rain.

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