Thursday, 7 August 2014

Jica Lash Extensions Review

From time to time I feel slightly more high maintenance than usual and apply individual lash extensions on myself. I usually love the look of them, but hate the removal and subsequent stubby lashes I am left with whilst they re-grow.

Jica Lash Extensions came at the right time when I had recently removed some individual lashes and was feeling a little lacking in the lashes department. They are fibres that are applied to wet mascara and then sealed in with another coat of mascara, and I think you will agree the results are pretty good!

The lashes never go off and are really easy to apply and remove(!), the only tip I would give would be to ensure you are using a pretty wet mascara to ensure that they stick properly. I made the error of using an older, drier mascara and the fibres all seemed to end up beneath my eyes throughout the day!

I think this is a great product and for those of you who want the look of semi permanent lashes but without the faff of application and removal, this is the product for you!
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