Kiehls Blogger Event

A couple of weeks back I was invited down to the Kiehls concession in Selfridges Trafford Centre to learn all about their products.

Lisa ran us through the Kiehls history and ethos before demonstrating their newest wonder potion! Exclusive to Selfridges for two weeks, Kiehls Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturising Serum Concentrate visibly improves tired looking skin, rough texture and dullness.

Costing £40 this is a treat product, but you only need use a small amount and the effects are amazing. Having sampled the Serum for a few days now I am really impressed and can verify that the claims of the product reaching an impressive 10 of the 11 layers of skin appear to be true!

As a part of the launch I was also treated to a facial by the lovely Freya. We ran through my skin concerns, assessed how oily my skin was (VERY OILY) and also checked how much moisture was in my skin. Worryingly my skin came up as a 27ish% on the moisture front and ideally we would be looking around a 40% mark. So we set about putting some moisture back into the skin without piling on more oil!

The treatment was really relaxing, my skin felt amazing and looked brighter and better in the days afterwards. It was definitely what I needed as I felt so refreshed after it and I cannot recommend Kiehls highly enough. I think their products are massively under rated and everything I have tried I have really liked and have had zero adverse effects from.

Big thumbs up from me!

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