uFit Protein Shakes

The lovely people over at The Protein Drinks Company recently sent me some goodies to try! As a part of my training regime I regularly up my protein intake by having protein shakes post workout. 

I would normally make my own shakes at home, but let's face it, sometimes that is inconvenient and I might have to rush somewhere after training so being able to pick up a pre-mixed protein shake is really useful!

I have so far tried uFit Milk with added muscle and uFit Pro, both of which were really nice flavours and I would definitely repurchase. I have yet to try the Collagen Beauty Milk, which I am informed is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants! The breakfast shake can be consumed in place of breakfast if you are short of time and if it is anything like the others I have tried I am sure it is lovely!

So if you are wondering why protein shakes are an important part of your training regime, I asked my PT Chris to explain;
"Along with making sure that you're hitting your base protein intake goal (as part of your daily calorie goal), it can also be important to take in protein (and possibly carbohydrate) post resistance-workout.  If we have broken down muscle tissue and used up a large percentage of muscle glycogen (sugar within your muscles) during a workout, we are in a perfect position to then 'refill' those muscles.  Having a liquid protein (+ carb) drink can be ideal as it is digested and assimilated quickly, assisting in repair and recovery."

You can purchase uFit Products from Tesco for approximately £2 per bottle, although I have currently found them half price on the Tesco Website so why not give them a try whilst they are a bargain!?

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