Sunday, 31 August 2014


When an invite to try on diamonds pops into your inbox you definitely do not say no. This weekend I was very kindly invited to Hancocks Jewellers in Manchester to learn all about jewellery!

My bestie and her hubby got her engagement ring and their wedding bands from the jewellers so it was lovely to spend time with a business who had made two very special people in my life so happy.

Hancocks is a Manchester institution and when I headed down to the store I was so excited to see what it was like!

Tucked away on King Street, Hancocks is quietly unassuming, beautiful pieces adorn the windows and you are greeted in store by a friendly team of very knowledgeable staff.

Amanda is the resident wedding ring specialist and buyer so we first talked about engagement rings and looked at some of the most stunning rings I have ever seen! I absolutely adore emeralds so I was GIDDY when I was able to try on a few!

What I really liked about the store is that they can cater for such a wide range of budgets, the quality is impeccable but at no point was I made to feel unwelcome or intimidated. I think that is a key selling point to Hancocks as they really are the 'family style' jeweller, often seeing multiple generations of families.

I would highly recommend Hancocks if you are looking to purchase something special! I certainly hope to own a Hancocks piece one day!

Sunday, 24 August 2014


Kabx Manchester
Everyone needs transport once in a while and I LOVE being able to quickly and easily book a cab without even having to make a call!

Kabx is a brand new app which enables you to book a taxi with a few taps of the keypad! You simply input your pick up point and destination, enter a few other details and click on place booking and in under one minute your taxi is booked! You get updates as to the location of your taxi, along with details of the car and driver!

I have used Kabx a couple of times now and I am really impressed with the service. I would highly recommend the app so download it right away!

The Kabx taxi app is available for free on both Apple and Android app stores. Just search for 'Kabx'.

The app is the biggest in Manchester with waiting time within the M60 being under 5 minutes. I have never had to wait for a long time and I think this is a massive benefit of using the app.

Kabx's website -

Friday, 22 August 2014

Kiehls Blogger Event

A couple of weeks back I was invited down to the Kiehls concession in Selfridges Trafford Centre to learn all about their products.

Lisa ran us through the Kiehls history and ethos before demonstrating their newest wonder potion! Exclusive to Selfridges for two weeks, Kiehls Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturising Serum Concentrate visibly improves tired looking skin, rough texture and dullness.

Costing £40 this is a treat product, but you only need use a small amount and the effects are amazing. Having sampled the Serum for a few days now I am really impressed and can verify that the claims of the product reaching an impressive 10 of the 11 layers of skin appear to be true!

As a part of the launch I was also treated to a facial by the lovely Freya. We ran through my skin concerns, assessed how oily my skin was (VERY OILY) and also checked how much moisture was in my skin. Worryingly my skin came up as a 27ish% on the moisture front and ideally we would be looking around a 40% mark. So we set about putting some moisture back into the skin without piling on more oil!

The treatment was really relaxing, my skin felt amazing and looked brighter and better in the days afterwards. It was definitely what I needed as I felt so refreshed after it and I cannot recommend Kiehls highly enough. I think their products are massively under rated and everything I have tried I have really liked and have had zero adverse effects from.

Big thumbs up from me!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Dinner and Disaronno at The Oast House Manchester

Last night I was very kindly invited by The Oast House and Disaronno to come down and enjoy the #DisaronnoTerrace Event!
I have been to The Oast House previously but have never sampled the food so was excited to give it a try. Having looked through the menu I was struggling to whittle down my menu choice but on the night I settled for Beef Hanging Kebab with a side of halloumi and seasoned chips! (I am hoping my PT Chris doesn't read this - oops!) In my defence it was leg day therefore I would like to think I had earned it before my arrival...
The food was really nice, and I also really loved the plates and presentation. The service was really good and I would definitely recommend The Oast House for somewhere to eat and drink in Manchester.
The Oast House has a fantastic outdoor area which is under cover, which leads me onto the Disaronno aspect of the night. Disaronno had taken over the outdoor area and had pop up bars serving amaretto based cocktails with live performances from local bands. I am partial to a Disaronno Sour so I very much enjoyed sampling cocktails made by the experts! We also partook in some photo booth action and in all I had a fab night!
Thanks so much to The Oast House and Disaronno for inviting me!


Sunday, 10 August 2014

#BirchBloggers Review: Laqa & Co


I'm all for trying a new lip product out, so when Birchbox appealed for Bloggers to try out Laqa & Co's Lip Lubes, I threw my hat into the ring!

Two of Laqa & Co's Lip Lubes dropped into my postbox in 'Bees Knees' and 'Menatour' and I have been trying them out this week. With application similar to a lip balm but with the pigment of a lipstick, the Lip Lubes are a pleasure to use. They have a fresh minty scent and are easy to apply on the go.

I am now eyeing up the other colours and 'The Boss Lady' is calling my name! The Lip Lubes are £14* and can be purchased on the Birchbox Website using the links above!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Jica Lash Extensions Review

From time to time I feel slightly more high maintenance than usual and apply individual lash extensions on myself. I usually love the look of them, but hate the removal and subsequent stubby lashes I am left with whilst they re-grow.

Jica Lash Extensions came at the right time when I had recently removed some individual lashes and was feeling a little lacking in the lashes department. They are fibres that are applied to wet mascara and then sealed in with another coat of mascara, and I think you will agree the results are pretty good!

The lashes never go off and are really easy to apply and remove(!), the only tip I would give would be to ensure you are using a pretty wet mascara to ensure that they stick properly. I made the error of using an older, drier mascara and the fibres all seemed to end up beneath my eyes throughout the day!

I think this is a great product and for those of you who want the look of semi permanent lashes but without the faff of application and removal, this is the product for you!

Monday, 4 August 2014

uFit Protein Shakes

The lovely people over at The Protein Drinks Company recently sent me some goodies to try! As a part of my training regime I regularly up my protein intake by having protein shakes post workout. 

I would normally make my own shakes at home, but let's face it, sometimes that is inconvenient and I might have to rush somewhere after training so being able to pick up a pre-mixed protein shake is really useful!

I have so far tried uFit Milk with added muscle and uFit Pro, both of which were really nice flavours and I would definitely repurchase. I have yet to try the Collagen Beauty Milk, which I am informed is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants! The breakfast shake can be consumed in place of breakfast if you are short of time and if it is anything like the others I have tried I am sure it is lovely!

So if you are wondering why protein shakes are an important part of your training regime, I asked my PT Chris to explain;
"Along with making sure that you're hitting your base protein intake goal (as part of your daily calorie goal), it can also be important to take in protein (and possibly carbohydrate) post resistance-workout.  If we have broken down muscle tissue and used up a large percentage of muscle glycogen (sugar within your muscles) during a workout, we are in a perfect position to then 'refill' those muscles.  Having a liquid protein (+ carb) drink can be ideal as it is digested and assimilated quickly, assisting in repair and recovery."

You can purchase uFit Products from Tesco for approximately £2 per bottle, although I have currently found them half price on the Tesco Website so why not give them a try whilst they are a bargain!?

My Bedroom

A few snaps from my bedroom.. I always love looking through home posts on other blogs so I thought I would follow suit and post about my room!

I live in a rented flat so can't do too much with the decor other than add trinkets and stuff that can be removed at the end of my tenancy! I have gone with a fairly neutral theme and my love for Paris seems to have made it's way into my room by way of a couple of Eiffel Towers, a picture of the Champs Elysees road sign and a french stamp doorstop!

My makeup is housed in Muji acrylic drawers and my personalised sign picture was from All those places are special places to me so I absolutely love it!
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