Thursday, 16 January 2014

The January Detox: Healthy Living Tea

We are mid way through January and I am sure many of you are detoxing, making resolutions for 2014 to be your fittest and healthiest year yet and generally staying in, saving the pennies and going into a post-Christmas hibernation....

I only drink one coffee a day now in the morning and I have really got into green and herbal teas, the lovely folk over at higher living sent me some of their Sweet Chai and Green Tea Chai to try and I just wanted to tell you all about them!

Sweet Chai wasn't to my taste unfortunately, I really wanted to like it but one of the flavours just wasn't for me. It is a nice tea though and I think if you like the Chai flavour this is very much for you. I can only describe it as like a non-alcoholic spiced rum, so it's a fairly acquired taste!

Green Tea Chai however was right up my street, with a more subtle flavour than the Sweet Chai, it is a really nice warming drink for when you need a mid morning or afternoon pick me up!

You can purchase Higher Living Tea at most larger supermarkets and there are many other flavours available to try!

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