Getting Organised with Filofax

A New Year always means a new diary for me and as a part of my duties of being a MCRFW Blogger I was very kindly given a Filofax by the lovely people at

There is nothing more satisfying than getting a new start, fresh pages and an opportunity to fill your spare time with fun things. It is also a good opportunity to get your hobbies and in my case my blog schedule in order, along with being able to write a list of who I need to email back!

I work full time alongside my Blog, so being able to quickly jot down who I need to ensure I get back to is very important to me.

Since 2004, Filofax has raised an outstanding amount of more than £620,000 for the Breast Cancer Campaign through the sales of various ‘pink’ products including the leather look pocket organiser. The organiser is a handy way of keeping your affairs in order, with a week view over two pages and pink notepaper!

This can be found at online retailer Paperstone, where £2.00 from every purchase goes straight to the Breast Cancer Campaign.

Breast Cancer Campaign are a unique community of scientists, supporters and people affected by breast cancer. They fund world-class breast cancer research projects in the UK and Ireland that provide the greatest potential to benefit patients.

Paperstone are an online retailer of all things office supplies and furniture. They celebrated their 9th birthday on 25th August 2013, and are based in London, whilst having a few distribution warehouses across the country.

How do you keep yourself organised in the New Year?

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