The New Year's Resolution Post 2014


I have actually enjoyed the whole reflection and goal setting build up to New Year's this year, as for the first time I have more confidence in my own abilities and dedication to make things happen! I never used to make resolutions as they seemed pointless, but this year I have a few!

I have beauty resolutions, fitness ones, career aspirations and blog goals. I will just give you a few of them as an idea of what I will be focusing on as I can imagine reading what I intend to do this year might be a snore fest...
  1. Look after my skin: As a beauty blogger, I am well aware that using face wipes probably isn't the best thing I can do, but laziness means that I often reach for face wipes to remove my makeup. This year I need to make more of an effort and look after my skin so I don't end up with a face looking like an old boot!
  2. In December 2013 I wore a Herve Leger bandage dress. I LOVED that dress and I'm thinking I would like to own a similar style of dress as a nod to my #adresstoimpress goal last year. I *really* don't have the budget to splash out on a real Herve, but I have seen the Celeb Boutique Dresses and am thinking that can be one of my first goals of 2014 fitness wise. I want to wear another Bandage Dress at my Birthday which is at the end of February!
  3. Last year I attempted a couple of YouTube Videos and I really enjoyed adding a new dimension to my blogging hobby. This year, I want to build upon this and make more vlogs. I like the mish-mash of written and videoed content so this year watch out for more YouTube activity! I promise I will get better.. :)
  4. I am beauty product obsessed, and I am often left with many products taking over my bathroom. I am setting myself the New Year's Challenge of using up these products as otherwise it is just a waste!
  5. Improve my strength: You might laugh but after watching world's strongest man over the past week or so I have decided that I really want to improve my strength. Obviously, I am not about to try and compete in a strong man contest, fat loss and working towards the Manchester 10K are my main fitness goals. I do really want to see what I can do strength wise though. I have quite weirdly strong legs as it is and I suppose I am curious as to how far I can take it!
  6. I want to continue to find nice recipes and use my blog to show that losing weight and living a low carb lifestyle isn't the terrifying concept that people make it out to be. Starting a weightloss transformation can be really intimidating and thinking about what on earth you will eat can sometimes psyche you out of doing it properly. I want to help people who are in the same position that I was last year, not having a clue about how to make a real change to my health. So if that is you, please get in touch. It is something I am very passionate about and I have been fortunate enough to have the support of an amazing trainer and team at the gym I train at. Once you find the resources, you CAN do it.
I will leave it there as like I said, I thing the resolution posts can be a little dry but as I had been asked what I would be working on this year I thought I would give you the headlines! I want big things from 2014 and I know that once I set my mind to do something, I will do it.

Here's to an amazing 2014!! :)

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