Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Loving the Lashes

I've got into wearing false eyelashes in a big way.. So far I pretty much always wear eyelure lashes as I find them reasonably priced and I like to cut them in half and only wear some in the outer corners of the eye as I think it gives a much more natural look..

Bought some of the 10 year anniversary Girls Aloud Lashes to wear on my weekend trip to Liverpool.. I liked them but they did look very fake.. A friend has bought me some MAC '36' lashes that I am really excited to try!

One good tip I have come across I to definitely invest in glue other than that supplied in the packs which is almost always a bit rubbish.. The best is the duo glue that MAC use but the eyelure glue that you can buy separately is also great and a cheaper option!

My only problem now is trying to hunt out the perfect mascara.. And tryingto fight the lashorexia I have developed :)
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