Loving the Lashes

I've got into wearing false eyelashes in a big way.. So far I pretty much always wear eyelure lashes as I find them reasonably priced and I like to cut them in half and only wear some in the outer corners of the eye as I think it gives a much more natural look..

Bought some of the 10 year anniversary Girls Aloud Lashes to wear on my weekend trip to Liverpool.. I liked them but they did look very fake.. A friend has bought me some MAC '36' lashes that I am really excited to try!

One good tip I have come across I to definitely invest in glue other than that supplied in the packs which is almost always a bit rubbish.. The best is the duo glue that MAC use but the eyelure glue that you can buy separately is also great and a cheaper option!

My only problem now is trying to hunt out the perfect mascara.. And tryingto fight the lashorexia I have developed :)


  1. I was thinking about buying these the other day! I love the look of the lashes, they're exactly the shape I go for. I like cutting them and wearing them at the corners too. They look lovely on you!

  2. Thanks Hun! Yes they are nice, felt very big on but think that is because I usually go for a more natural looking set. Let me know what you think if you purchase some! :)


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