Birthday Beauty Booty

Just unpacking and putting away all my birthday goodies and there's been quite a theme this year..

I have always been obsessed with beauty, makeup, nails and hair stuff so it's an easy purchase and a dead cert I will love it!

Pictured below are some of the new things I have been spoilt with..

Fake Bake Flawless: definitely the best at home tan I have ever tried.. It's not a slap on and hope for the best job though. If you are prepared to spend the time doing it it by far gives the most realistic colour. The mitt that is supplied with the tan is fantastic definitely helps to apply the tan and avoid the dreaded orange palms and streaks!

Bed Head Products: love all their shampoos and conditioners they always smell AMAZING and make your hair really manageable. Bed Head After Party is a smoothing cream that I have been using for possibly 8 years! (totally just made myself feel really old then!) and it's basically applied to dry hair after styling and calms any frizz and fly aways.. I really do love it!

Nail Polish: there's 2 of the new Holland Collection by OPI, the brown shade is 'wooden shoe like to know' and the blue 'i dont give a rotterdam' and a Chanel Nail Polish in 'June'. Can't wait to try them! I was introduced to the Holland Colours by I blog I follow called the Polishaholic.. I probably would have never considered these colours but they looked so amazing on in her pictures I had to have them!

MAC Eyeshadow in Young Punk: cannot wait to try this! Think it would look great with a fairly nude rest of the eye and this smudged in with eyeliner to give a smokey eyes look.. And obvs have to top it off with a pair of lashes!

What are your must have items? I am also so interested to hear in what people swear by!

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