Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sally Says Relax

I gave myself a thoroughly guilt free evening of Magazine Reading and Pampering tonight as I handed in an assignment at Uni (I'm doing a Pg/Dip in HR Management at MMU) and will shortly have to start working towards another that is due soon!

So my weekly treat is Look Magazine.. I absolutely love it. I can't buy it the week before payday as it is too cruel to myself to see all the things that are coming in and I can't buy! Have seen a rather nice Topshop lipstick in this weeks which I am going to hunt down! It's like a glaze effect with a very subtle shimmer..

Also tried the new John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo and Conditioner this evening for coloured and styled hair. I have noticed since dying the underside of my hair to achieve the dip dye effect, my hair has become really dry and knotty so this was ideal!

I am really happy with the results, I've always been a fan of John Frieda's other ranges but I especially like this one. Smells lovely and definitely does as it promises! Got lovely soft hair that looks in much better condition :) I'm a satisfied customer!

Anyways best get some beauty sleep! xx


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My Baggage

Today, it occurred to me exactly how much stuff I feel are absolute essentials to have with me from day to day.. So I decided to give you a snap shot into the contents of my bag!


The Bag: a classic Longchamp Medium Shoulder Bag in Brown.. I have a rather large bag collection yet I always come back to the old faithful.. , it's just the perfect size and holds all my bits and pieces, fits nicely on the shoulder and goes with everything!

The Make Up Bag: The make up pouch is Cath Kidston.. A gift to my dear old self.. My daily essentials include MAC pressed powder, MAC eyebrow pencil, NARS eyeliner (they are actually amazing), LancĂ´me Hypnose Mascara, MAC Blush in Fleur Power, NARS Lipgloss in Chihuahua, Pout Blusher Brush, Cherry Chapstick and some Tweezerman Tweezers so I can do any brow taming I need to do during the day!

The Purse and Diary: Incase you haven't noticed, I like shiny things! The Diary was a Christmas Gift from Mummy Dearest and is from Aspinal of London (expensive but oh, so pretty!), the purse is another Christmas Gift from the mother and is a Michael Kors number.. I love it, fits so much in! And the little Paris Purse houses all the bits and pieces that might be required throughout the day.. Headache tablets, plasters, safety pins and tit tape. Tit tape is actually in there not for the boobies but more for its miracle quick hem fixing powers! Nothing annoys me more than having a wardrobe malfunction and not being able to sort it!

Bits and Bobs: I have a Cath Kidston glasses case, just love all the prints! My perfume - Jimmy Choo Eau De Toilette.. A birthday gift and I love it! Some Weight Watchers style Werther's Original.. My Nail File by Tweezerman that is like a pen knife! And another birthday present.. The Emma Bridgewater Pen!

So what's in your bag??? :o)

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Birthday Beauty Booty

Just unpacking and putting away all my birthday goodies and there's been quite a theme this year..

I have always been obsessed with beauty, makeup, nails and hair stuff so it's an easy purchase and a dead cert I will love it!

Pictured below are some of the new things I have been spoilt with..

Fake Bake Flawless: definitely the best at home tan I have ever tried.. It's not a slap on and hope for the best job though. If you are prepared to spend the time doing it it by far gives the most realistic colour. The mitt that is supplied with the tan is fantastic definitely helps to apply the tan and avoid the dreaded orange palms and streaks!

Bed Head Products: love all their shampoos and conditioners they always smell AMAZING and make your hair really manageable. Bed Head After Party is a smoothing cream that I have been using for possibly 8 years! (totally just made myself feel really old then!) and it's basically applied to dry hair after styling and calms any frizz and fly aways.. I really do love it!

Nail Polish: there's 2 of the new Holland Collection by OPI, the brown shade is 'wooden shoe like to know' and the blue 'i dont give a rotterdam' and a Chanel Nail Polish in 'June'. Can't wait to try them! I was introduced to the Holland Colours by I blog I follow called the Polishaholic.. I probably would have never considered these colours but they looked so amazing on in her pictures I had to have them!

MAC Eyeshadow in Young Punk: cannot wait to try this! Think it would look great with a fairly nude rest of the eye and this smudged in with eyeliner to give a smokey eyes look.. And obvs have to top it off with a pair of lashes!

What are your must have items? I am also so interested to hear in what people swear by!

Goodbye Sleepless Nights.. Hello Great Hair

Pretty big claims by the creators of the Sleep in Velcro Rollers! Mine arrived on Friday and I am MOST excited to try them.

Instead of the usual plastic frame housing the sheet of velcro these rollers are made from sponge and the idea is that you can put them in before bed and wake up with a gorgeously waved hairstyle.. In all honestly I have a HORRIBLE feeling if I just put them in and went to sleep I would wake up needing to cut them out of my hair! 

I will invest in a hair net perhaps and hope for the best..

Will report back on how I find them! :)

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pug Loving...

Pretty much all of my friends and family are aware of my Pug obsession.. So my BFF got me such a cute card for my birthday! (pictured below)

We have a Labradoodle called Jasper who is a big fluffy monster.. He is hilarious, such a funny character!

When we got him we had never for a dog before and just fell in love straight away, I would completely recommend getting a dog if you are thinking about it.. But definitely do your research and you have to be realistic about walking and the financial side of things!

They truly do make a friend for life :)

What I Wore Today...

A new obsession of mine is the Blog, What I Wore Today where users simply upload what they are wearing. As a VERY nosey person and avid people watcher, I absolutely love seeing what people put together and often feel jealous that they have jobs and lives in general where they can wear such lovely outfits!

I would definitely raise a few eyebrows if I rocked up to my current workplace in anything other than a plain outfit.. hoping to change this soon though!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Playing out at Playground Liverpool

It is my Birthday on Friday so me and 10 friends went for a night out in Liverpool on Saturday 18th Feb.

Started the night in Alma De Cuba which was so lovely, absolutely fantastic venue! It is a converted church and we loved it.
We then had prebooked a table at Playground Liverpool. As Playground is a members bar they do not allow general entry for non-members unless you book a table. In all honesty I was quite peeved with the service I received prior to going in the weeks running up and actually had booked to go elsewhere as a result.

Communication wasn't great to be honest and the time in between contact with the concierge was way too long. However they redeemed themselves by calling with an offer the night before we went which we couldn't refuse..

I wanted to go as had seen the launch on Desperate Scousewives and it seemed like a fab place to try for my birthday..
After a few hiccups with the bill(!).. I can honestly say the night was fantastic! I am sure that is down to my amazing friends and sisters but the club is so great inside. Very luxurious, great music and atmosphere.

So all in all a great night! Plus what made it different was the performers who come out, they had dancers, fire breathers and a drummer it was amazing!

Definitely would recommend for a truly glam night out :)


Loving the Lashes

I've got into wearing false eyelashes in a big way.. So far I pretty much always wear eyelure lashes as I find them reasonably priced and I like to cut them in half and only wear some in the outer corners of the eye as I think it gives a much more natural look..

Bought some of the 10 year anniversary Girls Aloud Lashes to wear on my weekend trip to Liverpool.. I liked them but they did look very fake.. A friend has bought me some MAC '36' lashes that I am really excited to try!

One good tip I have come across I to definitely invest in glue other than that supplied in the packs which is almost always a bit rubbish.. The best is the duo glue that MAC use but the eyelure glue that you can buy separately is also great and a cheaper option!

My only problem now is trying to hunt out the perfect mascara.. And tryingto fight the lashorexia I have developed :)
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