When it comes to creating first impressions of your home, curb appeal plays an important role. Whether you're hoping to sell or just impress your neighbours, creating an inviting curb appeal is the way to go. 

Outdoor lamps and front garden

Why curb appeal matters

Your home's exterior serves as its own book cover, no matter how incredible the story inside is. Curb appeal not only increases perceived property value, but it can also greatly enhance your enjoyment of home ownership. A welcoming entrance and well-kept exterior can turn an ordinary dwelling into something truly remarkable.

Get a new front door

One of the easiest and most impactful ways to increase curb appeal of your home is investing in a new front door. Not only can this serve as a focal point of your entryway, but it can also show your individuality by reflecting both style and personality. Wood, steel and fibreglass doors are among the many available. When making your selection, consider both your home's style and that of its surroundings.

Modern door designs with sleek lines and bright colours can bring life to a contemporary house, while classic wooden designs with intricate details may suit more traditional homes. Don't neglect functionality either, get one that not only looks good, but provides security and energy efficiency as well. By upgrading your front door you make a bold statement while simultaneously increasing the curb appeal of your home's exterior.


Nothing says unkempt like an overgrown garden, yet simple landscaping can transform its appearance from disorganised to organised. Consider planting seasonal flowers, trimming hedges and investing in an efficient lawnmower. For an extra flourish add flower boxes, they add both colour and romance.

Pathways and driveways - more than concrete

Cracked, weed-infested pathways and driveways are a definite no-no. These areas should not only welcome guests into your home but should also exude warmth. Resurfacing or at the very least cleaning thoroughly these areas is key. Lighting along the pathways creates an idyllic twilight scene without the vampires.


While white picket fences may be appealing, any well-kept and maintained fence can add structure and charm to your property. Peeled paint or broken slats may give an uninviting haunted house feel. With just a quick fix-up job they'll become polished and welcoming once more.

Accessorising with outdoor furniture

Your garden or front lawn should serve as an extension of your living room, so consider adding outdoor furniture as accessories to make it even more inviting and relaxing. A few chic chairs, a small table, and classic benches will do wonders in creating an inviting setting and adding lifestyle appeal. Plus, it’s the perfect place for a morning coffee.

Bring it all together

Just as accessories make an outfit complete, the final touches to your home can make all the difference in its curb appeal. A statement house number, charming welcome mat and potted plants can instantly increase its curb appeal, providing that finished look and making all the difference for visitors passing by.

In conclusion

Spending some time and creativity improving the exterior of your home can pay off big both financially and personally. From upgrading the front door or adding plants, there are endless options that can give your exterior new charm. So take action, grab your tools, and transform the facade of your home.

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