Thatched Cottage with a blue door

Having your own home to style as you wish is a great feeling. You’re probably brimming with ideas on how you can improve your space. You may spend hours online looking at interior design websites in search of fresh inspiration. There’s no doubt that making over your home is an amazing feeling. Refreshing your décor is so satisfying and makes such a difference to how you feel about your home. Creating a living space that you love and reflects your personal style is a definite winner. 

From bedroom makeovers to bathroom renovations, you’ve probably attempted them all. But what about the outside? Making the exterior of your house look as good as the inside is essential. However, as you spend more time inside, it’s easy to forget about the outside of your property. As the exterior is the first impression people get off your home it makes sense to show it some TLC. That all important kerb appeal doesn’t happen by itself. There’s a tonne of benefits to be gained by improving the outside of your house. The most obvious benefit is boosting the value of your home. But what improvements can you make to your house exterior? Which improvements are worth investing in? Importantly, which ones will add value to your property? 

Keen to get started? Here’s how to refresh your home’s exterior:

Replace your windows

Your home’s windows are one of its biggest features when you look at it from the outside. Obviously, they perform an essential practical role. But your windows can also really enhance the appearance of your property. Choosing to replace your windows requires some careful thought. You need to choose replacement windows that look great, suit the style of your house, and provide practical benefits. One of the biggest practical benefits of changing your windows is improving energy efficiency. So, your windows will do more than just spruce up the outside of your home.

Refresh your paintwork

If you’re feeling adventurous a brand new look for your home can be achieved with a lick of paint. Refreshing the paint colour of your house can provide a huge change. Even a shade or two different can create a dramatic change. Painting a house is something you may want to rely on the professionals to complete. This is a job that will be really noticeable if not done correctly. 

If you don’t want to paint the whole house, there are alternative ways to give it a spruce up. Simply repainting the window sills can help.

Revamp your front door

Your front door is the first up close area of your home that people see when they visit. So, it makes sense to make it look fantastic. If your door’s looking a bit plain, why not inject some colour into it? A fresh coat of paint in a vibrant shade can instantly uplift the entire facade of your home. Add a new handle and letterbox, and you will soon have it looking amazing!

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