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Want to refresh your current bathroom without ripping out your current suite? Well, then you have come to the right place. Indeed, there are many ways you can revolutionise the way your bathroom looks, without having to invest in expensive new fittings such as baths, sinks, and toilets. Just read on to find out what they are.

Replace your shower curtain or screen

If you want to make the maximum impact, changing your shower curtain or screen should be high up on your list. This is because these items, and shower curtains in particular take up a lot of visual real estate in the bathroom, so by choosing the right one you can change the look of a space. 

Indeed, adding a shower curtain is a wonderful way of introducing some patterns into your bathroom. You can get some very bold and on-trend patterns too from abstract shapes to Victorian-style designs that can make a major impact on your space. Where possible it's a good idea to choose your shower curtain pattern first and then use colours or even motifs from it for your decorative scheme.

Replace your flooring

One of the things that tends to wear out quickly, and show its age in a bathroom is the floor. That is because it's exposed not only to heavy usage but also to water damage regularly. With this in mind, changing up your bathroom flooring can not only make your space look more stylish but help it to feel cleaner as well. 

Some of the best options for bathroom flooring include concrete, tile, laminate and vinyl. Indeed, recently vinyl flooring has improved in quality greatly and is now available in a wide range of finishes that look like more expensive materials such as marble, and hardwood.

Try some new fittings

Another way you can transform your current bathroom without replacing your bathroom suit is to try some new fixtures such as shower columns and taps. Indeed, with stylish and great quality fittings like the ones from Parisi, you can revolutionise the look of your bathroom in a very simple way. Another benefit of changing the fittings in your bathroom is that it is much more cost-effective compared to ripping out the entire suit and starting again, but it makes sure things look up to date at the same time.

Add some tiles

Lastly, if you are looking to transform your bathroom without replacing the current suit, you should consider adding new tiles to the walls. Tiles are particularly useful in the bathroom because they protect the walls, and the paintwork from inevitable water damage. They can also very much change the style and feel of the room when chosen wisely.

For example, for an on-trend look choose long rectangular subway tiles, which can work just as well in a modern industrial bathroom setting, as they can in a more traditional Victorian one. Then there are the colourful square tiles with Moroccan motifs that can add much-needed colour and texture to an otherwise neutral space.

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