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Summer can be almost offensive, and in some places right now, there are frightening temperatures. But staying cool with AC and fans can cost a lot of money when the heat is high. So, here are some quick tips to keep your home cool without electrical air conditioning.

Block the sun from your windows

The sun’s rays can heat up a room very quickly. When they penetrate double glazing, for example, the heat is propelled into your room. A very easy and effective tip is to simply block the sun from your home. This can be as simple as using thick curtains or even having bespoke shutters installed. Of course, you may not get a lot of sunlight, but it means you don’t have to switch on your expensive AC unit. And if you want some sun, you can just go and sit outside.

Use your doors properly

Most people assume you should open all the doors and windows to create a breeze in your home. While this can help, it isn’t always the better option. The reason is that there isn’t always a breeze. And from outside can come in and build up in your home. But if you close your doors, you can prevent the heat from spreading from room to room, and shady rooms will stay cooler. This can help you create at least one room in the house where you can retreat to stay cool.

Keep your home cool by cooking outside

In the US alone, over 20 million BBQ grills are sold each summer. And for good reasons. Cooking outside is fun, and there’s nothing that can give you the taste of a well-cooked burger from a flame grill. But using your BBQ instead of your oven or hob will help keep your home much cooler. Consider that you may cook more than three times a day; that’s a lot of extra heat which you will feel when the sun is hot. Outdoor cooking helps keep this to a minimum.

Use cooler fabrics

There’s nothing quite like a hot night when you are trying to sleep. Biologically, your body needs to stay cool for optimal sleep. And the fabrics you use in your home can contribute more heat. So switching these over can help keep you cool. Cotton is a great example. And cotton sheets and covers will prevent extra heat because they are more breathable than other fabrics. It also cools down really quickly, so you can swap between each side of the pillow during the night.

Lower your body temperature

Of course, you can focus on keeping yourself cool as well as your home. It helps to wear light and breathable fabrics for shorts and t-shirts or shorter skirts. Open-toed shoes will help your feet. And even tying back your hair, shaving, and wearing white will help. Further, it won’t do you any harm to keep yourself wet in the sun or at home. This is because your body cools down when water evaporates from your skin. And, of course, drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine.

In summary...

It’s easy to keep your home cool in the summer without using AC. First, block out the sun from your windows. Then try cooking outdoors to avoid excess heat. And wear light clothes as well.

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