You should always ensure that you have the right purposes and principles in mind whenever you’re designing a space for the home. You should know what the room is going to be used for and make it fit for that purpose. The living room, for instance, is all too often used as little more than a showroom for your sense of style, when it really can improve family life if you will simply let it. Here, we’re going to look at some ways you can help it do that.

Image of a living room

Don't make it overly ornamental

You might be looking to revamp and refresh your living room, but you should think about how much your choices of decor might actually get in the way of making that room fit its purpose. There’s nothing wrong with a few decorative pieces, but the more that clutter starts to intrude on space the family can use, the more headaches that it will cause. This can include making it more difficult to improvise with seating, getting in the way of playspaces for the kids, and more. Try to be more concerned with how your family is able to use the space to live freely and happily, rather than worrying too much about your ornaments. Make more use of your vertical space if you’re really concerned about the room looking too bare.

Keep everyone comfortable

The living room should offer the whole family the opportunity to relax and spend time together, such as when you are all watching a movie together. As such, you should be choosing furniture, especially the seating, that allows more people to sit, while fitting the shape of the room as best as possible. When you buy sofas online, make sure that you always keep in mind how many people are in the family, and try to visualise how they’re going to fit and sit together in that space. Of course, additional options like bean bags you can bring out can also help people find the kind of space they prefer the most.

Create a throughline

The living room isn’t just used for relaxing, however, especially if it stands between the hallway and the kitchen, or connects any other parts of the home. You should consider the layout of your living room and, in particular, how people move through that space. You want to make it easy to get from one end of the room to the other, but without interrupting the space of the people who are enjoying their time in it. For instance, if you have a big enough space, you can pull in all of the chairs and sofas so that they’re not touching the walls, allowing people to move around them, rather than having to walk between them, which gets in the way, especially if people are chatting or watching something together.

The living room can be such an important player in family life, offering a shared space where you can really live together. Keep the thoughts in mind above and try to create the living room that helps you bring your brood in a little closer.

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