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Introducing Nip+Fab

Most of us have seen the brightly coloured array of Nip+Fab products in our local pharmacies and supermarkets but did you know it is the sister brand to Rodial? 

No matter your skin concern there's a regime for you. I've been trying out some new products from the Vitamin C collection, but what does Vitamin C actually do?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant (a substance that helps protect the skin). It’s found naturally in fruits and vegetables and is synthetically produced for skincare products. When used in skincare it can protect against pollution, sun damage and environmental damage.

So what are the benefits I hear you ask?

As well as correcting damage on the skin, daily use of vitamin C will prevent that wear and tear happening in the first place. Applying vitamin C as a serum in the day will delay the signs of ageing. Vitamin C also boosts and promotes collagen production (a building block of skin that gives it that plump, youthful look).
It corrects hyperpigmentation, lightening dark spots and reducing leftover red marks from spots. Simply put, regular use of vitamin C will make you look younger for longer.
The new formulation of their Vitamin C Fix Concentrate Extreme 15% is a fraction of the price of competitor versions with a higher percentage of active ingredients. You can use it daily in the morning on cleansed skin and it can be followed with a serum or used alone. You must use SPF if you are using active skincare to ensure your skin is protected. The Illuminating SPF 30 was specifically designed to be used alongside Vitamin C Fix Products

What if Vitamin C isn't for me?

If Vitamin C isn't what your skin has ordered then there are a variety of other fantastic options for you including Hyaluronic Acid for combatting dry and/or dehydrated skin and Glycolic Acid.
AHAs like glycolic acid, are best in terms of reducing the visible signs of ageing. That’s because glycolic acid in particular helps stimulate collagen production (a building block of skin that gives it that plump, youthful look). Not only that, but glycolic acid also helps plump the skin even further by boosting hydration levels.
The price points of the products are great and you can get high quality skincare for purse friendly prices. I've mentioned a few of my faves and collections that I have tried and loved but there are lots more - Salicylic Fix, Retinol Fix, Teen Skin Fix, Dragon's Blood Fix, Mandelic and Charcoal Fix and No Needle Fix. The website is great for finding out more about the various active ingredients so you can make an informed purchase. Check out the Learning Lab here.
I've really enjoyed using the products so far and my skin is drinking up all those amazing ingredients!
What range takes your fancy?

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