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Moving house is always an exciting time- its a chance to start fresh. A new home brings with it so many possibilities, whether you’re upsizing, downsizing, moving out of your parents for the first time, in with your partner, or even moving out after a breakup. Regardless, there’s always an opportunity to turn over a new leaf and set up a new home in a way that better suits your current circumstances. However, theres a lot to do so here are some tips for making things easier. 

Create 'moving house' checklists

Begin by making moving checklists, start as early as you can. As soon as you know you’re going to be moving, jot down everything that needs to be done and add to your lists each time you think of something. One list could be companies you need to notify of your move, like doctors, dentist, school, work etc. One list could be a list of moving companies to research and call for quotes. One list could be jobs that need to be done before you move, such as cleaning and small DIY jobs around the house that need to be tackled before moving day. Doing this will keep you organised and in control.

Decide on a DIY move or a moving company

One of the most crucial decisions when it comes to moving house is whether you should do it yourself or hire a moving company. If you don't mind a good challenge and getting your hands dirty (or your back sore) doesn't worry you then DIY might be the way to go, as it can save you considerable amounts of money. Packing and hauling boxes, loading up and coordinating the logistics can be an adventure in itself. All you’ll need to spend money on is on a transit or Ute van hire and from there you’re good to go. If you don't have much to move then this can make sense, or if you have plenty of help from friends and family then all the better. On the flip side, hiring a moving company can be a great option if you have the money to spend. It saves you time, money, hassle and energy during what is already a stressful time and gives you peace of mind that comes with knowing your precious belongings are in capable hands. Be sure to do your research and read reviews to go with reputable moving company- they should be properly insured in case any damage occurs and be a good, honest company with proper background checks done on their employees.

Put together an essentials box

Putting together a bag or box of essentials that you think you’ll need on the day can save a lot of time and hassle. Think about what you might need at arms reach. Bin bags, washing up liquid, toilet roll and some hand soap are all ideas. You might want to have a small toolkit handy, including a screwdriver, a hammer, and a roll of duct tape. These trusty tools will be your superheroes when it comes to disassembling furniture, fixing loose ends, or securing boxes. Fresh pyjamas and a wash bag of essentials ready for your first bath or shower after a long day of moving can be helpful too. And things like phone cables and any technology you’ll need. That way you wont need to rummage boxes on the first night and can then unpack at your own pace without making a mess.

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