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How has your beauty regime changed? Beauty experts at Nouveau Lashes have highlighted a rising trend of people opting for a more minimalistic, natural illusion - as opposed to the full-coverage, full glam days of the past. I definitely feel as though I have moved away from the high maintenance look so I found this research really interesting!

Searches for the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ have skyrocketed on TikTok, with videos receiving up to 22.5m views on the social media platform. With simplistic makeup routines gaining more and more popularity, it is no surprise that time-saving, natural looking beauty treatments are also on the rise.

Nouveau Lashes analysed the natural, time-saving beauty treatments allowing people to step out of bed looking ready for the day. The most popular on the list was microblading - a technique which utilises ultra-fine strokes to mimic the look of natural eyebrow hairs. This treatment, overall, scored 27/30. 


Microblading received 24 million hashtags on Instagram, allowing it to receive 10/10 in this field. It also racked up an impressive 1.6 billion views on TikTok. 


Renowned for its subtle yet groomed finished aesthetic, it is no wonder that celebrities all over the world have been indulging in the semi-permanent makeup trend for years. Celebrities such as Adele, Michelle Keegan and Coleen Rooney have achieved their show-stopping brows this way. I have had microblading previously, but I am DEFINITELY a Brow Lamination kinda gal now.. obsessed!!


In second place was dermaplaning, with a respectable score of 22/30. This treatment is ideal for people prone to dry skin, as it involves scraping off the top layer of skin with a scalpel. As well as this, it also helps to minimise the look of ‘peach fuzz’. 


Dermaplaning boasted 2 million hashtags on Instagram, as well as 1.9 billion views on TikTok. This could be due to the fact that, unlike microblading, this treatment can be done at home, with the tools available to buy from many retailers online. As it is non-invasive and non-surgical, it is no wonder so many people are reaching for their beauty scalpels to promote a dewy-looking complexion. Having had this treatment myself, I can attest to how amazing your skin looks and feels after it!


In third place was lash lifts, receiving 22/30 overall. A great alternative to lash extensions or mascara, an LVL allows you to work with your natural lashes to achieve the look of added volume and length. An almost perm-like process allows this, as a replenishing formula encourages your lashes to curl and appear thicker. 


Debbie Law, Nouveau Beauty Group's International Lash Trainer, explained the treatment in detail:


“An LVL lash lift utilises a nourishing formula to enhance your natural lashes, allowing them to appear longer, darker and thicker.


The LVL, created by Nouveau Lashes, stands for ‘length, volume, and lift’ and features a 4-step treatment process to define and create the illusion of added length and drama. Following a patch test and consultation, the lash artist will apply the appropriately shaped shield to your eyelid, and your lashes will be pressed against this using a bonding gel.


“With all the lashes neatly bonded, a lifting balm is then applied, which allows the structure and shape of your lashes to change and be lifted at the root. This is then followed by a lash fix, which locks the new shape in place and tints to darken the lashes and add volume and depth. Finally, Moisturising Serum is applied to nourish the lashes and ease them off the shield, revealing beautifully healthy, lifted lashes.”

Nouveau Lashes also found:

  • Lash serum came on top for the most popular natural beauty product of 2023

  • ‘Slugging’, ‘lip stain’ and ‘glass skin’ were next on the list of trending beauty hacks

  • ‘No makeup’ makeup looks are the top makeup trend to look out for, boasting 1 billion TikTok views

  • Tinted lip balm and moisturiser are on the rise for ‘skinimalism’ trends for 2023

Minimalist Beauty Research Results

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