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In an ideal world, you won’t have to drop hints about getting engaged. It should happen organically, but that’s rarely the case. You see, your partner could get nervous as this is a massive moment in their lives. The last thing they want to do is mess things up. What if they ask too soon? What if they leave it too late? Complications can arise that put a strain on your relationship

So, the best solution is to drop a few hints here and there. Some can be subtle, while others can be a bit more blatant. At the end of the day, you’ll make it fairly obvious that you’re ready to get engaged. As a result, your partner can propose with confidence!

Here’s what you should try:

Talk to your partner about marriage

Start an open conversation about marriage and your relationship. Talk to your partner about your dreams and when you hope to get married. This is the easiest way to see if they’re on the same page. The chances are they’ve been thinking the exact same things as you, they just don’t want to scare you away. After having this conversation, it couldn’t be clearer where you stand. 

Additionally, this is a great option to almost set some ideas on when you want to get married. You can have this talk early on in your relationship, setting a dream timescale. Mention that you’d like to get married after two or three years together, so they have plenty of time to plan!

Start looking at engagement rings

An easy way to subtly hint that you’re ready to be engaged is by looking at some of the engagement rings for sale. Let your partner catch you on different websites, or linger in front of a jewelry store for a bit longer than usual. Point things out that you love, and you’ll fill their head with ideas. 

Another smart idea is to look at celebrities or photos on Instagram and make comments on people’s rings. Point out the designs that appeal to you, so they know a) that you’re thinking about getting married, and b) what ring designs you like the most.

Plan a super romantic getaway

Start planning a little weekend away or vacation with your loved one. Make it a special thing that’s sentimental to you in some way. Perhaps you’re revisiting the site of your first date? You want to do your best to really build up the importance of this getaway, dropping a massive hint that it’s the perfect opportunity to propose

If you do this along with the previous two hints, it should be painfully obvious that you are ready. If your partner is on the same page - and I’m sure they will be - they’ll start getting things ready to propose during this romantic trip. 

Remember, there’s a difference between dropping hints and trying to force your partner to propose. If they’re not ready right now, it doesn’t mean they won’t be ready soon. But, if you get a sense that they are ready - and they’re just worried about how you’ll react - then it’s time to drop these hints. 

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