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Do you want thicker and longer eyelashes? Many of us have this desire. The sad thing is, not all of us were blessed with naturally long lashes. If you’re looking to give your lashes a bit of a boost, try using these five easy ideas.

Try a Lash Lift

If you want the appearance of thicker and longer lashes, consider trying a lash lift. 

What exactly is a lash lift? It’s sometimes cutely referred to as an ‘eyelash perm’. Essentially a lash lift improves the colour and shape of your lashes, to give that wow factor. The final result is that they’ll look bolder and longer.

Once you’ve had a lash lift done you should avoid wearing mascara and avoid putting any water on your lashes. After 48 hours, it’s fine to do either of these things, but for the initial period, you’ll need to refrain from touching your lashes, or applying any liquid.

Consider a Lash Growth Product 

Serious about getting longer lashes? Why not try out a lash growth product? There are lots of lash serums you can buy, these are helpful to stimulate your lashes and help them grow. Lash serums can strengthen the hair follicles, they contain fatty acids to help your lashes grow. Anyone can use a lash serum, but these are particularly useful if your lashes are brittle, or weak.

Use a Gentle Makeup Remover

If you want to keep your lashes strong and long you’ll need to use a gentle makeup remover. Some makeup removers are filled with harsh toxins, and these can really damage your lashes. Focus on products that are made with natural ingredients, or try your own DIY natural makeup remover. Taking good care of your lashes is the key to keeping them healthy.

Try Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can work wonders on the lashes, it’s packed with nutrients and minerals which can help your lashes to grow strong and healthy. The best thing about coconut oil is that you can use it all over your skin. It’s perfect as a moisturiser, a makeup remover, and you can even use it as a hair conditioner. There are so many natural ingredients you can use to improve your beauty regime.

If all else fails...

Not having much luck with your lashes? There’s nothing wrong with faking it. There are plenty of false eyelashes online, to suit a range of budgets and needs. Want to go all out with some super long lashes? Perhaps you're looking for more of a natural look? Whatever your preferences, false eyelashes come in all different shapes, colors, and styles.

Using these ideas you’ll soon get the lashes you deserve. Remember, when you’re creating a beauty regime it’s a good idea to keep things ethical. Try to focus on brands that care about the planet, and use earth-kind ingredients. Whether it’s researching makeup trends or finding the perfect lipstick, beauty is all about expression.

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