Welcome to another new year. We've got four seasons of fabulous fashion and modern makeup trends ahead of us. So, let's get started on what's what for the next 12 months... or what should be what, based on what the who's-who of foreseeing trends have been saying in the last few weeks.

Bright, Bold Lips 

Starting off the year on the faces of the stars, this year's Golden Globes were alive with bright, luscious lips. Actresses aplenty flocked to Beverley Hills with lips as bold as the red carpet beneath them this year, kick-starting a trend that will be seen leaving salons all year round in 2019.

Contrast bold reds and bright pinks with delicately flushed cheeks and pastel eye shadow, and you've already accomplished a vibrant look that will stand out at any event.

Powder and Almond Nails 

Ready to give up your gel nails? Okay, how about hoping for a longer-lasting manicure? A dip powder manicure will last as long as a month – and doesn't damage the nails anywhere near as much as the gel formula.

If you don't fancy trying this at home just yet, you'll find most manicurists already encouraging people to make the switch the next time they visit a salon. If you're looking for a new shape for your nails, look for anything almond shape and add this sleek style to your pins on your next visit.

Glossy Makeup

Sorry, Matte, it's been great, but it's time we both moved on! Gloss is back in 2019. It's thicker and stickier, not to mention slicking up the hair and face with a shine that will stand out now and look especially striking in the summer. The matte look is… yes, you guessed it… fading out in 2019.

Lip gloss, eye gloss, hair oil – the lot – give you good reasons to add some serious shine to your beauty ensemble as soon as possible. Whether you're visiting the salon yourself or sending people out into the world with a shimmering makeover, gloss is officially great again.

Microblading and Contouring

The only two ways to do eyebrows in 2019, and why not do them both? When sculpting the perfect eyebrow shape for the face, there is no better technique around than microblading. With tiny strokes added to the skin below each eyebrow, even thin or unruly brows can be made thicker and fuller for up to 18 months at a time.

Remember, if you visit a salon for this service, make sure they have microblading insurance, which will prove that they are a trusted provider of this service. Contouring the brows, later, further enhances the natural-looking brow-beauty created with the microblading process.

Colour Blocked Eyes

A great way to cheer up the winter months, this talking-point beauty trick has finally outgrown the festival fields and made it to mainstream, contemporary glamour. Sweep a finger or brush of colour across your eyelids, and don't worry about making it look symmetrical – imperfection here is perfect!

Complementing bright, bold lip looks, like above, or contrasting more natural tones elsewhere, colour-blocked eyes will create a vivid, visual first impression wherever you go this year. You might even be set to provide this treatment in a salon - in which case, consider makeup artist insurance.

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