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It's been 7 and a half weeks since I started working from home and 7 weeks since I have seen any of my family.

I actually can't believe it! I have just tried to, in the words of Dory, keep on swimming and focus on this being temporary and I have to say it's really not been too bad. I know I am in a fortunate position where, whilst I live in a flat, I have plenty of space and my work has continued normally but from home. I know that isn't the case for many people.

My last post was me setting out some of the things I intended to do whilst on lockdown and I wanted to check in and give some insight into what I am enjoying and will continue once a degree of normality returns!


I'm certainly not over here being one of those preachy folk saying that you could learn a language etc etc BUT I have very much enjoyed keeping myself busy with a number of different activities that I haven't tried previously. Lockdown doesn't have to be anything other than keeping safe and healthy and I certainly wouldn't want to add any pressure to what is already quite a tricky time!

That said, I wanted to try and teach myself calligraphy and digital lettering on Pro-Create. I'm definitely not at the point of being the next scroll artist but I am enjoying doing something really different and that may be of use one day!

I have also used the time to try and incorporate some CPD (continuous professional development) in a work setting. There have been so many different training webinars and learning opportunities available and now that I have a little bit of time where I can participate, I am making use of it!


I am quite sure that some of my followers think my foray into being a Nail Artiste is a little left-field! I love nails and I love drawing and colouring so I thought I would try my hand at it. It's actually really hard so major respect to all the nail technicians who have mastered it!


Another case of 'now I've got time', I've got myself into a good routine of skincare and generally looking after myself. It's so easy to let that slide when you are busy and rushing around with work and play, but I've realised how important it is and how good it makes you feel. Face masks, hair masks, a bit of fake tan, nails and actually styling my hair has all contributed to making me feel nice even if I am just rocking the lounge wear from day to day!

I'm eating well, cooking more and enjoying spending more time in my kitchen and I definitely feel the benefits of cooking from scratch. I would usually be a lot more active than I am at the moment - my morning commute involves quite a bit of walking so at least I know that my diet is doing me good!


I bought myself one of One Line A Day journals at the beginning of lockdown and I have been loving the act of filling it in every day and how mad it will be reading those entries over the next five years! We are in quite a big historical event and it felt like I should be documenting it. It's not a massive space so only takes a couple of minutes max! They also have loads of different covers to match your home aesthetic!

I have also been using my Calm App every night, it's easy to become overwhelmed with the abundance of news and reporting of the Coronavirus Pandemic and I know a lot of people have become very anxious. I swear by the Calm App and their guided meditation options. It knocks me right out to sleep!


General day to day life definitely gets in the way of speaking to your friends and family and one of the real positives of lockdown has been that I genuinely feel that everyone has realised the importance of keeping in touch. I know I have made more of an effort and friends that I wouldn't usually physically see have come together for Zoom Calls and Quizzes and it's been really nice!

What will you continue after lockdown?

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