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It has been just over a month since I last posted, and WOW. A LOT can change.

Things are tough and I know this is an incredibly difficult time for many of you, from front line workers, parents, carers, people working from home, people not working and job insecurity, it has been an incredibly strange and testing time. I haven't really known what to say as I am not really sure what I think about it all myself to be honest.

I am trying to keep positive and embrace a slower pace of life, being happy with how lucky I am in all of this and remember that it is temporary. I know this is probably a bit of a luxury and I don't underestimate what others are going through, I really don't.

That said, I always come back to my blog and little community being a happy place of mine and I have definitely been consuming and enjoying lots of my favourite Bloggers and YouTuber's content, probably more so than ever!

I remember writing a post many years ago about my small pleasures and many of those remain the same. Working from home for me can be quite full on - which I am enjoying, but it is good to temper that with ensuring my down time is varied, relaxing and not just me sat on my bum for hours at a time!

Some of the things I have been enjoying are;


I don't think I have ever been so sociable with my pals! From Houseparty to Zoom and an abundance of WhatsApp and Messaging, it's nice to be in touch with all of my loved ones and see their lovely faces.


I don't have a garden. I have a door that goes out to the roof where a terrace used to be. BUT, it still gets the sun and I am very much enjoying putting on my fave tunes, some sunscreen and sitting on my deckchair in the door way with a little gin. With your eyes closed you don't know where you are anyway! Plus... nice and close to the kitchen for drinks refills 😎 Don't forget your sunscreen and Lipbalm with SPF!


This is of course personal preference but I am a visual kinda gal, so if I look gross I feel gross. I am not tarted up all the time by any means but doing my nails, tan and hair makes me retain a small sliver of normality so I will be continuing with my preening even if it's just me who sees it! 

I normally have The Gel Bottle gel on my nails, done by the lovely Katie or Laura at Love Beauty Gatley and in the absence of their steady gel application skills I have been using Peacci Polish which is the sister brand of TGB. If you want to paint your nails your fave gel shade then you can get a little discount at Peacci.com using the code PEACCI7EXVURZGZ. The Polishes are AMAZING! 

I've also been practicing my nail art skills. I love to be creative and this is something I enjoy so why the hell not?! 💅


Music genuinely has the ability to improve your mood and uplift you. I have several collaborative playlists on the go and I am enjoying listening to a variety of tunes according to my mood! Shout out to Earth Wind and Fire, Bob Marley and Hacienda Classical on Spotify.


It's probably the fact that I am only going to the supermarket when I *really* need to, but I am really thinking more about what I can cook and am definitely eating well as I have the time to prepare dishes. I do really enjoy cooking so it's nice to feel the benefits of freshly prepared meals.

I am not usually a massive drinker but I do love a gin and when I have no where to drive I am definitely indulging in a few more G&Ts than normal! 


Disclaimer - I am no where near Mrs Hinch levels of organisation or routine but having more time means I can definitely aim to be better in that domain! Because home is now the gym AND work aswell I am definitely trying to keep on top of all my cleaning so that my lovely flat remains nice and zen.


One of the things I noticed first when working from home for an extended period of time was how achy I was getting sitting all day and not having my usual commute. I have a really good yoga mat that was previously gifted by Jet2, however I have also invested in some ankle weights and resistance bands, I also have some dumbbells on the way too. Thank the lord for Amazon!

I have tried to self isolate as much as possible as I haven't felt great and I am also higher risk because of being diabetic and having a history of asthma. I have been out for a couple of walks but you can't be too careful and I can workout at home! I started with simple stretching and now plan to up the ante a little and use my new gym equipment!

I really hope everyone is coping as much as possible and following the instruction to STAY HOME. Massive shout out to our absolute NHS Heroes and Angels and I do hope our government takes stock of their contribution and rewards them appropriately. I am not getting into political chat on here as I think EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion, I do think however that something has to be done to acknowledge the outstanding work undertaken every day by so many.

Anyways, keep safe, keep smiling and keep in touch! 

Thank You NHS

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